Today’s Outfit: The Black Skirt Effect

What’s your favourite online shop? One of my favourites is Shopatvelvet, though I really despise their unreliable site. Every time they’re releasing a new collection, it would take the site ages to open up and finally, after you’ve successfully added the items into your cart, the site crashes and refuses to process your order. Have you experienced that? Oh, the frustration!

But I still love them to bits, because their collection always consists of solid tops and bottoms that you can easily mixed and matched. On top of that, the affordable price tag! If you’re lucky enough to grab any of their pieces, then you know what I’m talking about.

Hunting Fields top | Shopatvelvet skirt | Melissa x JPG heels | Zara necklace

In this picture, I’m wearing Shopatvelvet skirt that I got from Syita. She said it’s my birthday present :) I love this skirt because it’s lightweight and black and I love the drapery cut of the skirt. I opted for a top with a simple cut that can be tucked in the skirt so that the skirt remains as the centre piece of the outfit. You need to be careful though when wearing such skirt. If you don’t choose a top that ¬†fits perfectly, it can make you look a size bigger. I also learned that black is always the safest bet when choosing this kind of skirt, because black has a slimming effect. Considering both the top and skirt are in solid hues, I can go wild with my necklace.

A closer look of my new Zara necklace. I had been eyeing this necklace since the first time I saw it, but knowing that the sale season was near, I was holding back the urge of immediately buying it. My patience paid off, since it was on sale for IDR 169,000 from IDR 499,000!