Yay or Nay: Matching His & Hers Bag?

A long, long time ago, I always thought that the ‘it’ bag only belongs to the ladies. Men were only entitled of the dull looking, albeit utterly classic cut, style bag. But I guess it was the way of the past, right? Nowadays, you get to see men wearing the latest design of the ‘it’ bag  designed for them. No, they didn’t snatch it from the women’s section.

If you’re a couple, let me tell you girls, the matching his and hers t-shirt is so last century. You don’t want to be caught dead wearing it. However, matching his and hers bag is another story. It doesn’t scream matchy-matchy; it’s subtle and fashionable.

Just take a look at the latest collection of Tod’s D.D. Bag that is very feminine with bright colours combined with exotic leathers.

Pretty colours, aren’t they?

Now that you’ve recollected your breathing, let’s meet its match!

Now, you see the resemblance. Because they’re not matchy-matchy and each of the bags has their own distinct characteristic, I have to say that matching his and hers bag – executed with taste, of course – is a definite yay from me.

What about you? Have I convinced you enough to say yay or are you still on the nay? Let me know what you think, girls.