IFW 2013; Take Me to the Royal Kingdom!

Originally the grand theme for this show in Indonesia Fashion Week day 2 was Modest Luxe. The idea is to bring luxury in Muslim wear while maintaining modesty, quite a common term for describing Muslim wear for special occasions. Evidently, the 3 designers showed some exquisite work, so as Ria Miranda collection would loudly say, go on and take a bow!

The three Muslim designers shared the stage with Swedish designer ,Camilla Welton,¬†whose collection is utterly in-sync with the night’s theme, modest luxe (we’ll review her collection later).

Jeny Tjahyawati is well recognized for her specific characteristic in design, which involves meticulous details and hand applique on each of the clothing piece. Frequently using customized knit fabric and pulling off bold and intense color in her design, it’s surprising to see this ‘Sweet Royal’ collection. Impressive fringe arrangements and smooth color hues, definitely bring the success factor in this collection.

Save all those the flowery ingredients in your wardrobe concoctions and give the stage for anything bow! Ah, in a glimpse, those bows look just like butterflies-perching upon flowery bush in the garden. Well, this bow trend perfectly adheres with the theme that is sweet, girly and soft like cotton candy.

Flowy materials of silk, satin silk and tulle meet structured pieces in a swift move. The little bow appliques were attached on scarves, dress and pants hemlines. A big bow attached on the neckline of a blazer top and the front part of pants, did serve as an eye catcher.



Nuniek Mawardi‘s ‘The Kingdom’ literally shows what we expect to see in the grandeur of a kingdom. An explicit form of King’s crown, and long, structured, thick semi-quilt coat with bold line define the case. From the images, we learn that this was inspired from the European kingdom, not ancient Indonesian. But acculturation did take its part and ¬†included in her design. Local embroideries are applied to soften the look. Detach the crown, these will be a unique set to wear to a semi-casual occasion.


So what do you think of the outfits shown? For royal only, or it’s something you would wear?