FDN Weight Loss Challenge – Week 5 Recap

It’s getting closer to the end and we can finally see the finish line.

We have mixed feelings this week.  We feel relieved because this challenge is almost over, and sad because surprisingly we love the exercises.  We’ve become more aware of healthy diet nowadays, thanks to WRP Diet team who taught the six of us every single day of diet tips and many information about food and diet.

Every week, we surprise ourselves by doing the whole exercises.  This week included.  There’s always something new (at least it’s new for us) that we had to try.   And it’s not only one time I thought the routine was crazy, even the warm-up was very exhausting, and for some moves I thought there’s no way I can do that.  Turned out, I can do it.  We can do it.

Sometimes, we  doubt ourselves, set a low limit, don’t push hard enough, or maybe just simply lazy. But let me tell you, those negative things only exist in our minds.  The fact is, we can do more.  Don’t underestimate ourselves. We can exceed our own expectation, even further than we could ever imagine.  And it feels reeeaaally good. :)

We also watch what we eat, even we feel guilty now if we eat “too much”.   It’s funny though, because everyone in the Female Daily HQ will  “report” to us if they see someone who’s participating in this challenge eats something in the pantry.  “Hey, your partner is eating X there!  How many calories is that?!”  LOL.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of tea.  But when I found out that WRP Diet Tea contains ingredients that help to reduce the absorption of excess carbohydrates in my body, increase fat burning and help metabolize, I told myself to drink it whether I like the taste or not.  I drink WRP Tea 5 minutes before I eat my meal, and it claims to make our body to only absorbs 1/3 carbohydrates of what we eat.  It contains EGCG and L-Carnitine which helps metabolize fat to be burned for energy.  If it’s good for my body, how could I say no to that? :)

Next Monday, we will know the final result, and I literally can’t wait.  I can’t wait to be back on the scale and see the result of my current Body Mass Index (BMI) and fat right now. We’ll see!

Don’t we all look like a pro?