One Reason Why Tomorrow is the Perfect Time to Buy Jeans!

I have one very good reason why tomorrow is the best time to shop for jeans!

Have you seen this flyer on @GAP_Indonesia or maybe @Fashionesedaily?

I was praying really hard when I heard that GAP is going to throw a special surprise deal that’s jeans related. Imagine my excitement when I finally saw this flyer and that they’re going to have a special offer on their favourite 1969 jeans. I have a pair of GAP jeans that don’t fit me anymore, so I was really seriously thinking of getting a new pair. Especially the colourful jeans, maybe I should give them a try.

Well, worry not, because this post is not just another teaser. We have the real deal for you! GAP  has kindly given us the scoop of their deal. What is it?

GAP 1969 jeans for only IDR 196,900? I want!

Mark you calendar, ladies, because this offer is only valid for tomorrow and also only for the first 20 customers in any of GAP outlet.