IFW 2013; 33 Personalities of Indonesian Muslim Fashion

In comparison to its first edition last year, Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 has something new this year. It’s The Fashion Parade! I thought it would showcase some designers’ collections in public. As it turned out, this was a regular fashion show on a runway with extraordinary number of participating designers!  The Fashion Parade involved 30-33 designers in one stage, taking turns disclosing 10 looks each! Wow, can you imagine?  That’s like watching 330 looks in just one show. Well, I must say, this wasn’t the convenient form of watching a fashion show.   Many distractions of people coming and going during the show as they get bored or couldn’t stand sitting there for 3 hours long! And most of the invitees came only to watch certain designers, and they got impatient waiting for their favorite ones’ turn.

However, this was a major work, to arrange 33 designers and 330 looks into one successful show.  A big round of applause to IFW committees and all parties involved.

One blessed thing I noted from the 2nd day of Fashion Parade which presented Muslim fashion designers, it was, in fact, a full house! The Plenary Hall of JCC, where all the fashion shows were being held, has the capacity of 5,000 seats. Still, it was the most packed show of the 4 days of IFW 2013. That’s one thing to describe the enthusiasm of an emerging market of Muslim fashion.

Anyway, the 33 designers came from different generations. Some of them are pioneers in the Muslim fashion development, some has risen from fashion entrepreneur, and the rest are the young emerging fashion designers who acquired wide acknowledgement from the internet and social media. There’s no sort of sequential order or arrangement on casual wear, formal and party wear, and bridal.

While we have seen Ida Royani with her consistent and signature work in most Muslim fashion shows and event in the recent years, that’s not the case for Anne Rufaidah. She is among the very first Muslim fashion designers in Indonesia, and took an active role in striving for Muslim clothing to be embraced as a daily wear in the formal sector. Having Anne Rufaidah back in IFW 2013 were such a blissful thing, and do look forward to her next collections for young hijabers.


Ida Royani & Ina Priyono

Leather infused collection by Anne Rufaidah & Japanese romance inspiration by Tuti Adib


Lean and structured looks in monochrome colors, the collection by Lisma D Gumelar shortly caught my attention. What a break from all those colorful and flowy things walking on the runway. Clean, tough and obviously modern but still manage to deliver something from our heritage. Gotta love this! Lisma is the owner and designer of Rumah Baju Ambu, Bandung.

Lisma D Gumelar

Young, restless and conscious of what they want. This is the understatement of the young emerging Muslim fashion designers. Creative and fearless in creating  new segments for fashionably young hijabers, who refuse to spend their fortune on those expensive Muslim ensembles from existing designers.

Zoya, the sister line of Shafira, brought customized prints of today’s Jakarta on skirts. Really an eye opener, especially when the face of Jakarta now, no other than  the governor Jokowi is also printed on the skirt. Malana Indonesia and Monel, sticking to their colorblock mode. While Rabbani loudly sounding the unheard and continuing support for Palestine through the color choice and kaffiyeh, symbol of Islamic movement in the Middle East.

clockwise: print of Jakarta Monas on Zoya's skirt, Malana Indonesia, Rabbani, Monel


This first look of Meisje by Tantri was exactly described what’s been hype and trend in (Muslim) fashion. It’s the houndstooth print! Believe it or not, that very same day I did notice many hijabers donning houndstooth pieces, as clothing, scarves or even shoes. Well, let see if it even lasts long. Anyway,  Meisje’s vintage mood translated into cape, blazer or pants, all in structured line, bringing graphic patterns into play.

Meisje by Tantri and Look Up


We also saw many expressive personality, which brought forward by these designers and for hijabers to embrace. Well, fashion is about expressing ourselves, and in this matter, our identity as a Muslim woman.

clockwise: Iva Latifah, Errin Ugaru, Tuneeca, Rya Baraba


clockwise: this year's color- Emerald Green in Bridal dress by Misan, Aprilia Islamia, Hennie Noer, Amalina Aman


Jenahara and Kami Idea


clockwise: Lia Soraya, Unik Nurul Hakim, Tuti Akbar, Puspitasari R


Ater nearly 3 hours of watching the show, apparently many of the audiences were still seated for the most anticipated designer, Dian Pelangi, who finally took the last walk on the runway. Continuing her African mood, the ‘it’ designer came up with Savannah Troops. Instructing a journey far to Savannah, where everything is in neutral, dessert-colored, a gorgeous blend with nature.

Tie-dye was applied to the extraordinary expansive, flowing and voluminous silk fabric. Out of her ‘rainbow’ identity, she’s using more earthy colors this time. As a final kick and appreciation,  as  we all probably know, Dian Pelangi always gets the most salutation flowers during her fashion show from the audience , while the models gave some flowers to the audience in the front row. What a sweet gesture!


Dian Pelangi


Whoaa, that’s a whole lot of looks in one show! Do you feel as puzzled as I was? Well, I’ve picked my faves already, so what yours?