FOTD: A Memento of My IndOriental Beauty Journey

Have you read my previous articles about Martha Tilaar Enchanting IndOriental Beauty Journey to Semarang and Lasem? Aside from doing the cultural sightseeing, shopping trip, and culinary tour; Sariayu Martha Tilaar also gave us a range of gifts as a lasting memento of the whole trip. Can you guess what it was? It was none other than the alluring Trend Warna 2013: Pesisir Sentrajava – The Colors of Asia, particularly the Karimun Jawa collection.



Inspired by the beauty of Karimun Jawa’s underwater garden, this collection consists of 1 Eye Shadow palette, 2 Lipsticks, and 1 Duo Lip Function which combine several bright colors such as emerald green, purple, and yellow.

At first, I was confused with how I would wear all the three eye shadow colors nicely. So, I asked my beauty guru, Deszell, to do it. She applied the yellow one on the whole lid, layered my outer corner V area with the purple one, and blended those colors perfectly as easy as A, B, C. :D My favorite part was when she applied the emerald green color on the lower waterline area to make my eyes pop! To finish off, she also applied black eyeliner and mascara.




What else do I love about this collection? Of course the fresh and natural look from the Karimun Jawa Natural Glow Powder. This two way cake powder can be used in 2 ways: as a regular face powder (if you apply it with a sponge) and as a finishing powder (if you apply it with a brush). For this look, I first applied it with a sponge to even out the skin color and control the shine. Secondly, I blended the four color combination using a brush to give me a fresh and glowing look. How about the staying power? In fact, I applied it after lunch hour. Several hours later, I went to dinner with friends and didn’t even need to reapply the powder. ;)



To complement my look, I also applied the Karimun Jawa Duo Lip Function on my lips. Its pinkish coral color is suitable for daily use. Not to mention that this product also combines lipstick and liquid lip color in one stick. Superb!