Fashion Meets Architecture in Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013 was held towards the end of January 2013. There were so many designers attended the show. One of my favorite designers, Marga Wiemans, closed this year’s fashion week successfully with her couture collection ‘Body Archive’. She collaborated with Samsung in this collection.  The show amazed me because of three different things: fashion, technology, and architecture, packed in one show. She really knows how to think outside the box.

As you can see, the background was pretty electric with color blocking which looked good with the dolly model looks. The makeup, especially the orange lipstick, looked sweet resembling an orange candy. The hair was so 2013- short sharp bob style. How about the dress? We can just see a few dresses on the show because most were covered by a box. Don’t be disappointed. You should see how cute and lovely these boxes were. Here they are!

These are my favorite boxes. The first two boxes looked like a perfume and doll. Can I take these for my interiors? Yup, definitely NO!

Now, these are the dresses that were visible. They’re  full of graphics and lines. Architecture clearly influenced the collection.

So, which one do you like?