FDN Weight Loss Challenge – Week 4 Recap

I can’t believe it.  All of us have made this far.  Two more weeks, ladies and gentleman.  Yay for that!  The fourth week was all about cardio, I believe.  It was hard. There was nothing easy with the sessions.  We had to push ourselves to exceed our limits because subconsciously we put a limit on ourselves. Surprisingly, if we push a little bit harder, we can do more than we can ever imagine.

The most memorable Master Bootcamp session (so far) was last Tuesday.  The instructor brought one pack of playing cards, and you know there are four symbols, right? Heart, spade, diamond, and club.   Each symbol has a new meaning for all of us who joined  the sessions.  Heart means burpee, spade means jumping jack, diamond means push up, and club means squat.  Oh and we “played” with jokers, too.  Black joker means we had to do ten more reps and red joker means we can rest for 20 seconds.  We did almost 100 reps each of squats, push-ups, burpees, and jumping jacks.  We also had fun with SH’BAM session on Friday. We became more familiar with the movements and the songs are always up beat and fun. Sh’Bam is definitely one of my favorites. :)

I asked the other participants to give a testimony about this Weight Loss Challenge,  WRP Diet and the whole workout sessions.  Here they are :

Hanzky – I feel like I’m at my healthiest. :) Since the only meal time we can actually have  is during lunch  (although I have to admit I cheat, like, everyday for breakfast), I always make sure to eat the healthiest meal possible. This WRP program also helps me learn that I can survive without a big meal for dinner, even after a heavy workout.

Affi - It’s incredible how #FitNFab I have been feeling after I started this challenge. After only 2 weeks, I already feel stronger, I sleep better and I don’t get tired as easily as before. The Master Bootcamp sessions really push my body into achieving things I never thought possible before, while Sh’bam and Body Combat classes give us a fun weekly break we all so deserve. Oh and I definitely eat healthier too. Being on WRP diet makes me conscious about what I put in my mouth. After training intensely for an hour with Master Boot Camp, I surely don’t want to blow it all off with some fatty dinner! My choice of snacks are also quite healthy, ranging from fruits, nuts, beans and of course, the delicious WRP cookies!

Vanya – I was a bit nervous when I first started the program because.. well.. I love to eat! And the prospect of not eating anything but WRP nutritious drink for breakfast scared me. But apparently it’s not as hard as I thought. The nutritious drink is enough for me to go through the day (until the time I have to eat the cookies, which I love because it tastes so good). And the exercise program from Masterbootcamp, what else can I say? I have said it a thousand times through blog posts, forum posts and my social media account that I love it! My body is improving a lot. Not only I have better stamina, I manage to correct my posture.  Before the program I always hurt my legs whenever I do a lot of running and jumping. But on the 4th week I was able to do 3 sets of hurdle jump without feeling any pain at all. Even Mas Edy, the trainer, said he was really proud of the improvement I made and I can’t be happier

Syita – After joining this program for 4 weeks, I realized that the only key to lose weight is discipline. Yes, once you take on the challenge, there’s no turning back and you have to do all pf the diet program and exercise 3 times a week. Lucky for us, we have WRP with its 6 Day Diet Pack and Master Bootcamp with its trainers to make our life much easier. I currently have lost about 3.5 kg of my body weight and I expect to lose 2-3 kg at the end of the challenge. Shall we extend the program, ladies? ;)

Anna - By participating in the FDN Weight Loss Challenge, I hope my excess fat can be reduced and also re-shaping my body so I can wear a dress to the office with confidence. In order to achieve that dream, I had to change my lifestyle consistently, which consists  of exercising and having  a healthy diet. The result is not so bad because now I have successfully reduced fat in my stomach, thighs and arms.  I think I look sexier now. :)

Griss – To be honest, at first it was hard. I used to have 2 – 3 meals a day, and since the challenge started I could only eat one meal per day.  Sunday is a free day. Come on, now. I feel guilty when I eat a lot of food after all those workouts and diet.  I eat two meals max. Surprisingly, now I can live with one meal per day and my body is getting used to this routine.  Thanks to WRP Cookies that taste so good (it helps!!).  The exercises are really, really helping me get stronger.  Master Bootcamp sessions, Sh-Bam, and Body Combat are what I’m looking forward to every week.  I can feel my stamina is improving.  I can feel my arm muscles building up, and I’m lovin’ it!

Argh, two more weeks left.  Can’t we just add one more month?