Brightspot Market is Now Open for Public

I had fun last night at Brightspot Opening Night.  It is the 9th event and the second time it’s held in Grand Indonesia. For those of you who are not familiar with the event, Brightspot Market is a curated market where we can find our very own local brands, ON SALE, of course.  That’s the fun part, right?  The price is cheaper if you compare it to the retail price.  Filling a 2000+square meters of space, you will find more than 125 booths there.  That’s why I honestly think you must go to Brightspot. You might find items that you love.  :)

Several never-before-seen brands launched their very first collections at this event, while many returning vendors are  introducing their latest season.  We can easily find clothes, dresses, accessories, shoes, even cameras and gadget accessories from Indonesia’s most creative entrepreneurs alongside some of the biggest international streetwear brands.  If you’re a guy reading this article, don’t worry, you’ll find many booths that sell men’s stuff. :)

A lot of brands are participating in this event.  If you want to find out a specific brand before going to Brightspot, visit their website and follow @BrightspotMRKT.

Brightspot Market is definitely a one stop destination where you can spend hours of excitement.  Many things to see (and try *cough*).  It’s a great place for brands, buyers, and other parts involved in this industry.  I bought 4 items last night from Major Minor, Cotton Ink, and Antyk Butyk.  I’m absolutely happy with my purchase!  I will write a haul article  later. I think I will bring my friends to visit Brightspot again this weekend if I get some free time.  When you can get a lot of great deals in one place, you have the tendency to go back and try to find new things.  It’s pretty normal, right? :D

Mark your calendar, ladies and gentlemen, because Brightspot Market is now open to the public from February 15 -17 from 11AM-11PM.  Make sure to visit the event at Grand Indonesia, West Mall, 5th floor.