Party Look Idea: The Box Clutches

Last month’s awards season has not only given us eye candy of beautiful red carpet dresses and makeup, but also clutches. One type of bag that I’ve been noticing a lot during the award season is the box clutches.

Jennifer Garner and Naomi Watts at 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards towing their box clutches.

A closer look of the box clutches, or in its fancy name the minaudiere. Both box clutches are from Salvatore Ferragamo.


The thing about box clutches is that it’s so not functional since it’s very (or too to be exact) petite, that it hardly fits anything. But it does allow you to carry the most important stuff such as lipstick for touch up, tooth picks (some regard this as necessary especially in dinner setting) and mobile phone. Those are the things that I can’t live without when going to a party.

Have I said that it looks pretty? Oh yes I did, didn’t I? When you’re wearing a very pretty dress, like how Garner and Watt are wearing here, it’s expected that whatever bag that you carry with you is pretty too. I’m a huge fan of the envelope clutch. It looks formal, but big enough to carry everything, although it doesn’t pair up quite well with an evening gown. Unlike envelope clutches,  the box clutches look great when paired  with your kebaya, which here in Indonesia, we often wear to a wedding and formal event.

With so many weddings that I need to attend, I think this is a yay for me. Especially that box clutches nowadays come with a thin chain strap that I could easily pair with my favourite dress.

Need a recommendation? Here are some from me.