Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini Hands-On

If you’ve read my previous article and if you happened to be in the middle of looking for a new phone at an affordable price, I recommend you to consider  Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini and put it on your list.   I’ve been playing with this gadget and what else can I say?  I love it.

Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini comes with fun apps and premium features, and if I can do whatever I like without having a hard time with my phone, I definitely love it.  Especially the Best Photo feature.  Ladies, I bet you know how I feel.  Women love taking pictures of everything! :) I also tried it when we had Master Bootcamp session and the phone automatically recommended one of the best photo out of 8.  I can choose whether I want to keep the recommendation photo or not.  What I love is the phone doesn’t save all of the “junk photos” and only save the one that I chose.  I don’t need to delete the unwanted photos, so it saves me more time.

The second thing that I love the most is the  Pop-Up Play feature.  My older Android Phone doesn’t have this premium feature, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini has it.  I download videos from YouTube every single day.  Makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, music videos, performance videos of my favourite singers/bands, etc.  What Pop-Up Play does is it enables me to watch videos and do other activities with this phone at the same time.  When the phone vibrates, I can use this feature to check the notification bar.

When it comes to games, it doesn’t mean women don’t play games.  Quick confession time, my favourite games are Temple Run and Line Pop (of course, who doesn’t love Line Pop?  Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini offers  a nice display, hence the super AMOLED screen.  Playing games is so much fun using this phone.

So, for the IDR 3,499,000, actually Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini is quite a steal.  Available in two colors: Pebble Blue and Marble White, Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini gives fun experiences with premium features and great apps in it.  That’s why I recommend it for you. For more information about Samsung GALAXY SIII Mini, you can visit their website or follow @Samsung_ID.