Recent Purchase: Moozee Canvas Leather Tote Bag

It is impossible to bring a small bag to work.  Okay, actually it is possible.  But small bags definitely can not carry things that I bring with every single day: a planner, pen, cell phones, makeup pouch, charger, wallet, and sometimes also include flat shoes into it. You know what I feel, right?  I need a medium-big size  bag so I can put many things in it.

Speaking of bags, recently I bought Moozee Canvas Leather Tote Bag at The Goods Dept Flagship Store Grand Opening.  It has an off-length shoulder leather straps which I love.  The straps feel comfortable on my shoulder, and they are not the kind of straps that keep falling. With that being said,  I give an A+ for the straps! :)  The material is canvas cloth, I know it’s risky to have a canvas bag because it attracts dirt easily.  I guess I just have to be extra careful when I use this bag.  No problem.

This bag is soooo simple yet so practical because I literally can put so many things in it.   Honestly, right after I saw it, I think it was love at  first sight with this bag.  It has one more color, actually.  The other one has pink straps, it is more funky and fun, but I know deep down I love this tan color.  I’m playing it safe, obviously, but I have no regret at all.  Absolutely love how the tan color works well with the canvas.  This Moozee Canvas Leather Tote Bag has become my favorite since the day I bought it. :)