Why You Need to Invest in a Good Pair of Tweezers

If there’s one tool that I can’t live without, it’s the mighty but small tweezers. I always travel with them because having well-groomed eyebrows is my top priority. When my eyebrows look neat, they frame the whole face and define my facial feature. That’s why, I always rely on  tweezers to save the day.

The first reason of why you need to invest in a pair of good tweezers is because it’s so important.  I always make it a point to find good tweezers. Not only that, once you find the tweezers, you’ll stick by them for years to come. I don’t think there’s any situation where your tweezers will become unusable anymore. For as long as I remember, I never really replace my tweezers because they’re broken. If you get a good quality of tweezers, they should really last for a long time. I usually replace them only because I lost them, being so small, it’s really hard to keep track of where they are.

Secondly a good pair of  tweezers will easy grip on even the finest eyebrows strand you have. I don’t like being frustrated because there’s this one very fine strand that I can’t pluck out. It’s like an itch you can’t scratch!

Thirdly because tweezers with a good grip will ease the job of plucking your eyebrows. They won’t  ‘slip’ while plucking your eyebrows. With  poorly made tweezers oftentimes we have to tweeze four or five times to get only one single strand. Frustrating, I know!

Fourth, it will help with even the most difficult corner of your hair or even the most difficult angle.

Now that I got my criteria all laid out, what’s my favourite tweezers?

Of course it’s none other than Tweezerman. It’s so iconic and well-known that every time you want to look for tweezers, you know that the best is this one. The only thing about these tweezers, that they’re way more expensive than your regular ones. But trust me, when you can keep one for over a year, it’s worth every penny for saving you a couple of minutes every time you tweeze your eyebrows.

Tweezerman even said to be the “little black dress of beauty tools”. The slant tweezers live up to its name and creating the benchmark standard for every tweezers brands out there. It’s the choice for world’s renowned makeup artists with 25 degrees angle on its slant, giving you precision when tweezing your eyebrows.

What I love about it is that they even came up with a limited edition tweezers that has cute patterns, albeit more expensive than the normal one, this one costs me almost double at IDR 259,900. But the pattern is just too cute don’t you think?

I also picked up their eyelash curler, which I will definitely review sometime in the near future. Probably comparing it to the famous Shu Uemura? Oh, do I dare?