Makeup 101 : How To Pick The Right Blush

If you have natural flush on your cheeks then I envy you. :) For me, my skin tone is close to be considered  as  fair, so when I have nothing on my face, or when I just have foundation on, I look like a ghost with no color.  For a quick pick me up, I simply dab a darker powder to add at least a little warmth to my face.  But when I really, really want to add the “right” color on my face, of course I grab my blush.

Blush is the easiest way to change your pale looking face – be it from pale complexion or just plain tired – into something more alive by putting a little bit of ‘life’ onto your cheeks. A healthy looking face always looks a little flush on the cheeks.

Here is the thing.  Choosing the right color for our skin tone is a little bit tricky.  I had picked the wrong color of blush and it made my face darker, which I didn’t want.  What I like from a blush is when it can give a natural flush of a lively color without looking fake.  On the other hand, some blushes can also be used to contour the face too.

How to choose the right color of blush for your skin tone?

1. Know our skin tone.

Do you have fair, medium or dark skin tone?  Fair skinned can usually go with a lot of colors, but you need to figure out if you have cool or warm undertones.  Simply pick a yellow and pink paper and hold it close to your face.  Which one makes your skin brighter?  You have cool undertones if the pink paper brings the most out of your color.  The same thing goes with yellow paper, if it makes you look brighter then you have warm undertones.

2. Stick with what’s best for your skin tone.

For cool undertones, you can go with cool pink, rosey pink.  And the best color for warm undertones are corals and peaches.  Brownish pinks and amber shades are great for medium skin tone.  What we need is to bring a little warmth to the face. If you have dark skin tone, pick a rich pigmented blush. If the blush is too light or not very pigmented, it won’t appear on the  skin which means it is useless.  What’s the point of buying a blush that won’t show on the cheeks at all?  Peach shades and red-brown colors are great for you because those colors tend to give a glow from within.

3. You think you’re an expert already in putting blusher according to your skin tone? Now time to go outside the box!

It doesn’t mean that people of warm undertones can’t use cool undertones’ blushes, and medium skin tone can use fair skin tone blushes, and vice versa.  Of course we can if we want to.  Some colors will suit you just fine but some won’t . Just make sure to try it first at the counter to see how it looks on your cheeks.  The key is to start with light-handed application and build the pigmentation accordingly.


Now that you have all the tricks of the trade, let’s start experimenting with cheeks colors!