Are You Into the Turban Hijab Trend?

No, you probably won’t find any turban tutorial here. Only by searching ‘hijab turban tutorial’, you’ll get hundreds of them.

Turban as hijab is not something new.  As soon as Muslim fashion found its form, turban was already worn as an alternative for headscarf. Even in many Islamic culture, usually the men can be found wearing a turban-style headdress. It is also known as headwraps based on cloth winding; so it always involve some winding or twisting of cloth over the head. So if you just put a piece of cloth over head and tie it behind, it’s not considered as turban.

Some people like to wear turban as hijab, since it allows the whole outfit to be seen, covering only the head  (the neck part is covered by inner hijab, usually apart from the turban). And also  it brings practicality. This type of hijab has spread all over the world as a fashion statement. Basically, it is no different than turban we often see in big cities, worn by non hijabers as a fashion statement. However, hijab for Muslim women are intended to imply the standards of modesty, while turban hijab are considered as sophistication (I’m not going to say ‘more modern’), since it doesn’t drape over women’s head, shoulders and neck.

Turban has gotten the most appearance on the runway.  Muslim designers have been very keen with this head cover piece.

Wearing a turban can look incredibly stylish, and doesn’t look as modest as the drapey hijab. Well, this area of interest could lead to some different interpretations, but we probably should refer that modesty is something that is required in a Muslim outfit.

Turban style inspiration from Hijab of The Day Clozette Daily


The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Turban Hijab

For me, wearing hijab should be fun, and so does wearing turban. But I need a self assurance that my hijab is modest enough thus engaging the purpose of being covered.

  • Be sure to double check your top. It should be loose and thick enough, and I would prefer layering over the top with vest, jacket, loose cardigan or cape. We can also layer the chest part with another shawl or scarf.
  • Turban means adding volume on our head quite notably because of the lack of drape to balance the look. Wear the right style to match our face shape. An oval face can wear just about any style of turban. If you have a round face, embellish the flat outline of the basic turban or head wrap. Add height with asymmetrical layer on one side.
  • Bulky turban for a petite body is a big NO NO. You know why.
  • Do we need to make that BIG flowery shape over the turban? Really?
  • And that towel-wrap-after-bath style turban, better opt for another style, because that’s exactly what other would say about your look.
  • Still don’t have time to do the winding and twisting? That’s why people create instant or semi instant turban. Stay tune for our pick on instant turban in the next article.