The Best Fashion Show of 2012; Arantxa Adi Re-Invite

Arantxa Adi never fails to create a spectacular show. I think it’s in his blood to create a breathtaking fashion show to preview equally breathtaking collection. I have never been to one of Acong’s – his nickname – shows before, but I’ve heard praise from fellow fashion journalists of how he never fails to tease the eyes with spectacular setting.

If I had to choose the best fashion show that I attended in 2012, it would be Acong’s Re-Invite to showcase his 2013 collection. Both the setting and collection echo each other and at the same time show some class. And it’s also one show that I haven’t written just yet, because it was so close to the year end holiday and I was so caught up with work – the usual stuff.

The Grand Ballroom of Kempinski Hotel Grand Indonesia was magically transformed into an all black, smokey and resembled a hush hush executive bar back in the era of Nucky Thompson – of Broadwalk Empire. The set up of the runway, as I’ve said before, was spectacular. It was an all black runway that was very long with the sides functioning as a dinner table. There were couches set up along the sides of the runway. The night started with dinner, where the guests sat along the sidelines of the runway, and entertained by Bunga Citra Lestari, Millane Fernandez and DJ Yasmeen Le Bon. All of the entertainers, including Dinna Olivia as the muse and Caroline Zachrie as the MC, wore spectacular pieces created by Acong. Seeing all of them wearing Acong’s design made me really anticipate his new collection even more, it was a real torture, because the show started really late at about 11 PM.

There was one more that was different about the fashion show. It felt  like a really elaborate show done in an upscale bar somewhere. Because people who attended  were able to eat freely, they had bars set up on both sides of the room and the room was smokey! What was even more different was  that not all of the guests were sitting rigidly on a theatre- style set up chairs usually done for fashion show, but people were mingling and enjoying the accompany of their friends while indulging in the beautiful clothes and performances before them. The idea that people roaming around the room didn’t seem to take the limelight away from the collection, Acong could do it, because his collection is a statement-making collection.

The collection itself was inspired by the glamourous style of women in the 20’s, 30’s and 50’s. With the opening sequence showcasing dark hues collection that feels oh-so-mysterious, complete with the finger wave style hair and red lips. The ultimate femme fatale look, I must say.

Even if his inspiration was the style of the past and very retro-like, but he instilled touches that felt very now, such as the sheer paneling to give illusion to the cut, geometric cut out details and layers upon layers of folds and ruchings that create drama. I liked that there were a couple of sequences in his collection. Though the first one was very mysterious, but as more looks were presented, it felt like the dawn has set and it was time to embrace the light. It went from the flowy materials that felt light to the more stilted using duchess taffeta materials.

Without further ado, I present you the photos from the show:

And in case you were wondering, all of the jewelleries used in the shows were from Utty Jewellery, like this beautiful set worn by Luna Maya.