FDN Weight Loss Challenge – Week 3 Recap

Week 3 of our Challenge, and it was like the most torturing, yet fun week, ever.  LOL.  It is because we had a  fit test from Master Bootcamp.  We were tested on how many times we could do squats, lunges, push ups, v crunch, cardio, and other things in one minute.  And if we didn’t do the right posture, it didn’t count, which means we used our energy for nothing.  Can you imagine, Ladies?  When you felt like you almost ran out of energy and the last push up you did was not right, and the instructor didn’t count that.  Can you imagine??????  Haha, okay, enough with the drama.  It was fun, though. It was hard, but still fun. We will  be tested again at the end of the challenge, so the 6 of us need to strengthen ourselves, because I BET the final fit test will be harder than this.