My Phone’s Battery Savior: Sony Walkman E473

I don’t know about you, but I use use my phone as a multi-tasker device.  Browsing, socializing (Twitter, Facebook, Path, all that jazz), playing games, and of course watching videos, and listening to music. All in one.  No wonder my battery runs out very quickly.  I can charge it up to three times a day! Nowadays, we can charge our gadget easily.  Thanks to the portable charger and power bank.  Using power bank is pretty troublesome, especially when I’m in the middle of an event and I want to capture a photograph or to just save a phone number, blackberry pin of a person that I just met. I don’t want to grab the power bank all the time since it’s not practical and a bit troublesome.  That is the consequence because I can’t help myself  to not “play” with my phone when I get bored of waiting.

I’ve been using Sony Walkman E473 for a week and I have many good things to share with you.  The size of the Sony Walman E473 is just perfect: small, thin (7.0mm), great to bring everywhere.  It sits nicely in my pocket, even my wallet.  But never mind, this one comes with a Hello Kitty pouch and box, which I LOVE! Look! It’s SO CUTE!  I’m not a big fan of Hello Kitty to be honest, but come on, how could I  not love this cute little thing?

Videos, songs, photos are easily transferred.  Sony Walkman E473 has a USB cable that we can use to transfer those files and also charge the device automatically.  I didn’t find any problem installing the Walkman Guide at all. It’s very easy;  just plug in the USB cable to my laptop then the setup is there, click click click, and done. It didn’t take a long time for me to able use it.

I love watching K-POP videos, makeup tutorials, and all that good stuff on YouTube.  The number one activity that can drain the battery just in 1,5 hours is watching videos, indeed.  I was surprised when I found out that I can transfer my HD video in this tiny little thing.  Sony Walkman E473 will ask you to convert the file to fit and definitely will save more storage.  It also can play video for almost 6 hours which I love the most. The only downside is the screen is small, obviously.  But I can deal with it, it’s not like I watch videos with subtitles, so I don’t really mind.

There’s  also a voice recording feature which is very useful when I interview someone.  It won’t be complete without a radio, right? Sony Walkman E473 has FM Radio, too!  The sound quality is great and the bass is good.  I can customize the equalizer or choose the default options.  It has a 5-way button, don’t expect you can scroll it like iPod because it can’t do that.  It has a 4GB storage, but yeah like other storage, actually the real storage is less than that.  This one has 3.17 GB to be exact.  I wish it comes with a bigger storage of at least 8 GB. I wish!

Oh, by the way,  I listen to my favorite songs and put a few video clips in here.  With that being said, my phone battery can now breathe easy. :)