Easy Instant Website With Pixtem

In this digital era, it’s a no surprise to see a lot of interesting posts from bloggers who love to share their point of view of something they love.  It is also not a surprise to see many people who choose to run their business online as well.  I admit, when I have no internet access for one day, I get cranky.  I need to read what’s going on out there, I want to read posts from my favorite bloggers and websites, and yes, sometimes I even buy products online.

It feels that many people love to express themselves online, either via  a personal website or by creating an e-commerce business to show their entrepreneur side.  With that being said, I do realize, many of us actually want to “join the club” but don’t have the skills to design all the things such as banner, layout, control the orders, etc. Either that or we don’t want to spend money to hire someone to do the job.

To open this brand new year, Pixtem provides solutions and convenience for those of you who want to have your own website. Pixtem is a platform that meets the needs of a good website with an easy way and at an affordable price.  Whether it is for personal website, corporate site or e-commerce site, Pixtem gives us the options.

The great thing is we can create and maintain the site without programming and design skills.  There are already designs according to themes, systems and features provided that make it easy for any user to set up and fill in the desired menu navigation on the website, or to set up the inventory of products for user who want to sell online.

Pixtem users can pick from various price packages in accordance with the requirements of the website that you want, such as capacity storage and how many pictures that you want to display. The package price is offered by Pixtem include the provision of a generic domain name (URL of the site. com, .net, .org, .info, .us) and hosting server for one year, starting from IDR 500,000 to IDR 5,000,000 / year.

So if you’re interested in creating a website, you can visit www.pixtem.com to view a wide selection of package prices, video introduction, as well as many other exciting stuff. Psst, they’re even giving us a free 30-day trial there.