Why Lip Balm’s Important

I believe it’s not only in Jakarta, but other cities are experiencing the gloomy weather as well.  When the weather is changing – one day it’s cold, the other day it’s very hot – believe it or not, our lips are suffering.  Oh please, don’t make a big scene with lips. But I am a  believer that healthy lips represent the health of our body.  Yes, they are just lips. T hat also shows an important part of ourselves. Do we care enough with the small things? If we don’t, how  should we care about the big things like body, face, etc.?  I believe if we have healthy lips, it will boost our confidence and also make us feel comfortable.

The most important thing for me to help my lips is with the use of lip balm or lip care products.  When it comes to lip care products, I put my trust in NIVEA.  Since high school, I’ve been using NIVEA Essential Care and I always make sure I have them in stock.  Hands down, it is the best lip balm for dry lips (affordable, too!).  But that doesn’t mean I’m not open with other lip varieties from NIVEA.

NIVEA  launched a new variant in their lip care family and it’s becoming my new favorite. It’s the NIVEA Lip Care Vitamin Shake.   I usually dislike tinted lip balms, because of the colors and I don’t really care for the favor or the scent.  Thankfully, NIVEA Lip Care Vitamin Shake doesn’t have that unpleasant scent and it gives natural color to the lips.  The unique thing about this product is it that it combines two colors that blend nicely and two flavors in one; Cranberry and Raspberry.  It has vitamin C, E and pro-vitamin B5, which help to moisturize our lips from the deepest layer so it makes our lips smooth and soft.  Another great thing is it has SPF 10.  I absolutely love the product and use it for my lazy makeup day when I’m not in the mood of wearing opaque lipstick color. It’s my new staple item for sure. :)

Another lip product from NIVEA that I’ve been using since last week is NIVEA Lip Care Med Protection.  No fruity scent and color.  This is just perfect as a base to prepare my lips to deal with matte lipstick.  NIVEA Lip Care Med Protection has Bisabolol (a natural moisturizer) and Wheat Germ Oil to treat dry and chapped lips.  Talking of NIVEA, I’m in the middle of trying NIVEA Visage Sparkling Whitening Day Care Oil Control, and so far I’m loving it! Rizka already wrote the whole review about NIVEA Visage Sparkling White, so make sure you read it if you’re curious about them.

And how do it keep my lips healthy? You probably already know about these tips, but I encourage every one of us to literally do it :)

  1. Always bring lip balm wherever you go to keep them moisturized.  My method is to put one in my bag, in the bathroom, and one near the bed.
  2. Clean your lips at night or before sleep.  Lips have different sensitivity so it would be nice if you have a lip remover. Make sure your lips are totally clean from any lipstick or lip products that we’ve been using all day.  Usually the lip remover comes as a 2 in 1 product – eye and lip remover.
  3. Put lip balm right away when you feel your lips are starting to feel dry.
  4. Drink more water.  Water is an important element for our body, and no exception for the health of our lips.  Our lips need water supply to maintain the moisture.
  5. Exfoliate your lips regularly.  It depends on how dry your lips are, I do exfoliate my lips twice a week.  I use a tooth brush and without anything on it, I brush my lips gently to slough off the dry skin.
  6. Don’t lick your lips.  Many people still think licking their lips will help getting rid of that dryness, but no, it will make them dryer instead.

So, what’s your favorite lip balm, ladies?