Today’s Outfit: Going to the Up2Date Show

If Nisa has written about the Up2Date Retrospection show, then I’ll post the outfit that we wore to the show. For me, even though I don’t wear hijab, Up2Date annual show is still one of my favourite shows. Despite being a Muslim fashion label, Up2Date pieces are still wearable by non-hijabi. The style is, as cliche as it may sound, up to date – just like the name of  the brand. Well, Nisa and I actually went there with Lita, but she arrived after we took these pictures. :)

I think Up2Date has been so successful in creating an industry standard and at the same time instilling new ones. I heard when they first stepped into the industry, it wasn’t too common to find Muslim outfits made from jersey. The common perception of Muslim outfit is sold together in pair – as a top and bottom.

I was a little bit conscious of what I wore that day since I’m attending a Muslim label fashion show :)

I wore: (X) S.M.L sweater & necklace | Zara skirt | Longchamp Planettes | Melissa x JPG heels

Nisa wore: Up2Date asymmetric blazer | Linday Hamidy Grander dress | Square shawl | Marks & Spencer mary jane shoes | Banana Republic clutch

I love the blazer that Nisa wore in this outfit. It has an asymmetric cut between the right and left front part. This is exactly the type of attire that even a non-hijabi can wear.

And the scarf looks very interesting, isn’t it?