Revealing Turkish Hijab Fashion through Ala Magazine

Ala Magazine has been featured in many publications around Turkey and Europe, to be the first hijab fashion magazine in Turkey. It is said to be the Vogue of hijab, as to be regarded as the same level with famous international fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle or Harper’s Bazaar. This might be inferred by their sales from the first issue, to outsmart all of those high fashion magazines mentioned, which were widely accepted by Turkish middle class women.

Its readers are mostly educated females whose families have climbed the social ladder after migrating to the cities. It’s not surprising that many of these women are embracing the magazine’s message that “you can wear a headscarf and still belong to the jet set”. Some says it is above all the fashion presented in “Ala” that appears to best reflect social developments in Turkey over the past decade.

Browsing through Ala images through their site, and some blog coverings, one thing came across my mind. The similarities. Yes, they do mostly the same  hijab style, pre hijabers trend. A square headscarf, folded diagonally into triangle shaped, then simply wear it and tuck it at the back. A fashionable and stylish scarf means a fine fabric, with a distinguished and sophisticated pattern or texture. How to don it? Just keep it simple.

Also, what I learn from Ala, they love well-made fashion items. Semi couture design, with fine fabric and ornament – Turkish women are leaning towards classic and sophisticated style. Something we could learn, to appraise the fashion through its quality, not merely trend.

Quoting from hijabitopia, a Turkish based fashion blog, “Most hijabis would agree that Turkey is the leading country in terms of beautiful hijab styles.” Well, do you agree with that statement? ;)



They imagined Anna Wintour in hijab, would look like this