The World’s First Matched Series of Bangles and Rings

Good news for diamond lovers out there! Mondial Jeweler has launched 53 amazing and glamorous designs of bangles and rings.  What makes them different is obviously as you can see from the title, each of them has a “partner” which is a very interesting if you.  If you have the perfect matching jewelries on your hand, I think that’s great to look at.  But of course you don’t have to buy both of them. If you choose to purchase either just the bangle or the ring separately you may do so. :)

The second thing is The Bangring collection has an artistic design.  Older jewelries mostly have 2D design, whereas The Bangring offers BEAUTIFUL 3D design.  More attractive and more alive in my humble opinion. Now let me tease you a little bit. I mean, would you just look at them!  I think they are very stunning, don’t you agree? :)


“The newest designs of The Bangring collection are accented with brilliant diamond stones that reflect the joy of this lovely season and at the same time pleasing your eyes with their beauty and perfection.  Lunar New Year is also the perfect time to celebrate life and give gifts.  The Bangring collection will be the right one to give as a new year’s gift for your loved ones or even for yourself,” said Ms. Jelita Setifa, Marketing Manager of Mondial Jeweler.

One more interesting thing from Mondial is that they’re made of a special design from The Bangring collection to welcome the Lunar New Year, which is a snake-shaped bangle and ring.  The bangle is decorated with 228 pieces of white diamonds with a total of 2.8 carat and the eye is encrusted with a 0.04 carat green diamond each.  The ring is adorned with 47 pieces of white diamonds with a total of 0.27 carat. A very unique design to celebrate the Lunar New Year, indeed. :)

So, ladies, if you’re interested and would like to see for yourself, don’t hesitate to visit Mondial Jeweler stores at Plaza Indonesia and Plaza Senayan.