Rainy Season’s Survival Must Haves

It seems the rain is still going to be with us for sometime. At least for another week or two, hopefully not more than a month. But while it still here, the only thing that we can do is rejoice and make the best of it by pretending that it’s winter and dress accordingly. Sounds like a fun idea, right?

The girls at the office been wearing ‘winter clothes’, such as cable knits and ankle boots, as seen on Affi’s Today’s Outfit.

So, what’s the recipe of surviving this rainy season and remaining in style? Here are the five items that you need to have in your wardrobe:

Knit beanie from Stradivarius IDR 129,000, two tone knitted scarf from Zara IDR 170,000, cotton trench coat from Mango IDR 1,299,000, tights from Topshop and suede leather ankle boots from Promod.

  1. Knitted hats: it looks chic and keeps your head protected from the rain. Though you’ve got the right umbrella, but with the wind blowing at every corner, this will keep your head safe and sound.
  2. Scarf: keeps you warm from the wind and chilly weather, especially the amp up air conditioner that is so evil and totally unnecessary under this weather.
  3. Sassy trench coat: pick a light material such as cotton so it doesn’t look heavy and ridiculous and it’s lightweight enough to be worn even when the rain is gone later on.
  4. Pattern tights: when else could you wear your cute pattern tights with ease if not during this rainy season, right?
  5. Ankle boots: the right height to keep you from the water pond and it’s ever so chic. Combine it with a skirt and tights for now, and you can even leave the tights behind later after the rainy season.