FDN Weight Loss Challenge – Week 2 Recap

It’s week 2 and we survived!   What I can tell and feel is my body is starting to adapt with this new routine.  I really think I have to build up my stamina.  In fact, everyone should.  I miss my high school stamina when I was literally playing basketball from Monday to Friday and could do physical exercises without having a hard time.  Yeah, that was almost 6 years ago.  With that being said, even though doing three workout sessions per week is not easy for my body, I’m happy. It feels good to know I’m back on the “right track” again.

We have two sessions from Master Bootcamp on Monday and Tuesday and one session (Body Combat / Sh’bam) from WRP on Thursday.  The instructors come to the office, so we exercise at our community center after office hour (if you’ve been to our office, you must know the community center :) ).  Last week, Hanzky went to Kuala Lumpur so she skipped two Master Bootcamp sessions. Syita got sick and couldn’t join the Tuesday and Friday’s sessions.  So we switched partners on those days.  Hopefully, this week everyone stays healthy and we can workout together as a team.

I can tell each of us is more familiar with the tools and the “torture” now.  We did push-ups, squats, running, suspension training and many other exercises using TRX, ViPR and Medicine Ball.  Besides Vanya, the five of us have not tried Master Bootcamp before, and surprisingly, we’re waiting for the sessions every time! IT IS “killing” us for one hour (after effect excluded) because this is an intense, full body workout, and when I say  full body, I mean it!  I still remember after we got through our very first session, each part of our body was hurting for two days. No pain, no gain . :D

On Friday, we had Body Combat session and most of Female Daily crew joined the workout!  Not only 6 of us who participated in the Weight Loss Challenge, but almost everyone in the Female Daily HQ.  It was exciting!  Kicking and punching have never been as much fun as it was last Friday.

We’re also getting used to eating once a day, and drink WRP Nutritious Drink twice a day.  To be honest, I still feel hungry, especially at night.  I always eat dinner, and usually skip breakfast, so when I have nothing (I MUST have nothing) to eat for dinner, I learned to just drink more water and eat WRP Cookies if needed. It helps.  The trick is, right after I get home, the first thing to do is take a bath, then I go to my room right away without sitting in the living room, or worse, walking near the kitchen and refrigerator!  Just-go-to-the-bed-room.  For me it’s the safest place since I don’t like to have food, snacks, or anything edible in the bedroom.

Now it is already the third week.  We have a fit test this week to see how much we’ve improved.  *nervous yet excited* :)