Victoria’s Secret; The Hottest Thing in Town

A much anticipated brand has finally made its appearance here. I’ve seen the construction, plastered with ‘Victoria’s Secret Coming Soon’ in front of it since months ago. So I was beyond ecstatic when I found out it’s open for public last Friday! If you have been to the United States, I’m sure  Victoria’s Secret is one of the places you spend money to buy ‘oleh-oleh‘. If you haven’t been there, I’m sure you’ve known about it or used the products by getting ‘oleh-oleh‘ from friends or buying them through pre-order in our forum.

The Victoria’s Secret in Plaza Senayan is actually the biggest in South East Asia. True, it doesn’t carry what it’s famous for: the bra,  just like the other Victoria’s Secret outside of the US (except London). I think in order for Victoria’s Secret to carry their bras (among other fabulous undergarments), they need to have a huge space to store all of the collection, which is kind of hard to get considering how competitive the retail scene here in South East Asia. But don’t be sad, the store actually has A LOT to offer.

The whole body care range is available for IDR 149,000. You can also find the perfume bar, and the panties! In addition to that, there are also all kinds of pouches, in every shapes and sizes to store all of your travel toiletries and makeup stuff. Oh, it also has cute little goodies such as passport holder, key ring, iPhone/iPad/Blackberry case, sunglasses, makeup, bags, and suitcases. Ok, the last two are not necessarily ‘little’ but you get the idea.

Next time you want to give yourself a little something something, or to buy gifts for any occassion or even for your ‘seserahan’, you know where to go :). Victoria’s Secret is in Plaza Senayan 2nd floor, between Ted Baker and Guess Accessories.