Lipstick Monday: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter Lollipop

One of my beauty resolutions of 2013 is being brave to wear new lip colors (new to me at least) other than soft/light/nude pink.  I always admire women who rock bright or dark lip color and I can see they can look fabulous with unusual color on their lips!  What I mean with bright or dark color is basically a color that make people look at your lips right away when you walk by them.  So I decided to buy two lip products this month. One of them is Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in shade Lollipop (#075).

I already have two Revlon Lip Butters, but both of them are pink – nude pink and light pink.  Typical me.  The color payoff of this particular product is absolutely great.  That’s why I picked this one.   I also find it doesn’t need special treatment – I don’t need to wear lip pencil first, nor use a lip brush to apply it.  Just apply the product on the lips directly, and probably use a Q-tip to clean up the messy edge. :)

The packaging is my favourite, although it’s plastic and doesn’t look expensive (hey, it’s only IDR 75,000), but it’s helpful! I can see the color straight from its tube and the top is clear so I actually can see the real color through the top. Totally the opposite of other brands that require us to read the lipstick’s name or if you forget the name you have to open it one by one to see the color, which can be a great hassle.

Now look at the color, BAM!  It is very very pigmented.  The color is blue undertones bright pinky fuschia with very subtle shimmer in it.  Since it is like half balm and half lipstick, it glides nicely on lips.  Very buttery and creamy which I like.  If you have tried one of the Lip Butters, you must know how buttery it is.  A best friend for dry lips.  It gives color and moisturizes the lips at the same time.   For a full application, it stays on for up to three to four hours.

Overall, I’ve been loving Revlon Lip Butter in shade Lollipop since I bought it two weeks ago, and I’m eyeing the shade Red Velvet right now.  Have you tried Revlon Lip Butter?  Which shade is your favourite?  :)