Indonesian Designers at Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013

Hong Kong Fashion Week (HFW) is probably the biggest fashion event in Asia, (correction, it IS the biggest) and claimed as the world’s second largest fashion fair. More than 18,000 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions took part in HFW 2013 and the 11th Hong Kong World Boutique that took place from 14-18 January 2013. If you browse through, the official site of Hong Kong Fashion Week, you might get ‘lost’ as I was, understanding the organizations of many fairs that are happening at the same time, in HFW grand theme. But you can see how big the scope of the event, on the account of the active and full support from the Hongkong government.

HFW is held twice a year: in January for fall winter and July for spring summer seasons. An early start for seasonal world fashion week. There were no less than 21 Indonesian designers who took part in this event, both in the fashion week and exhibitions. Some of the names are Ali Charisma, Espen Salberg, Dina Midiani, Leny Kurniaty, Jeanny Ang, Dinda Rella, Ferry Sunarto, Harry Ibrahim, Irna Mutiara, and Lenny Agustin.

There are also some names we haven’t yet ‘heard’ , but might be the next big thing among Indonesian designers. One of them is Valencia Arifin. The 20 years old shoes designer received the most attention and orders from international buyers.

On the HFW runway, Jeanny Ang presented her collection in a single show, while Espen Salberg was sharing the stage with Ika Butoni, an Indonesian designer based in Hong Kong.


(Jeanny Ang Couture at Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013)

(Indonesian Pavilion at Hong Kong World Boutique, the exhibition)


(Detail Attitude, semi-finished accessories for designers & industry’s needs)