My Skin is Ageing No More With Clarins Double Serum

I hit 30 this year. Admittedly, I put too much concern on the skin of my face. Oh, I’m really scared of fine lines! That’s why I never shy away from the anti-ageing treatment. If it can hold the fence to scare away the fine lines for few more years, bring it on and I’ll happily put them on. It’s better to be safe than sorry.  It’s never too early to pile on an anti ageing cream – that is in my dictionary :)

Enter Clarins Double Serum, my recent love – among many, of course, you couldn’t expect anything less from me. It’s said to be the golden answer to all of your skin’s related problem in respect of  signs of ageing.

The promises?

  • 94% wrinkles reduced
  • 100% more elastic skin
  • 94% more even tone
  • 92% less visible pores

Sounds too good to be true?

Here’s the thing about Clarins. I’m a new convert when it comes to Clarins skincare . Yep,  in all 15 years of using skincare I’ve never tried Clarins and I thought this might be only the honeymoon period, because each product from Clarins that I’ve tried, I LOVE ! But when I read the reviews out there, a lot of people are also in love with this too.

Clarins Double Serum is not exactly new, it has been reinvented over the years and perfected through 27 years of research. Its predecessors have the same positive reviews as this one.

How it works?

It’s said to be the “only intensive anti-ageing treatment” that consists of 20 plant extracts that target skin’s 5 vital functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration. The beauty of your skin depends on these functions.

It’s called double serum because they contain hydric and lipidic system – water and oil soluble ingredients. Because our skin doesn’t only have water but it also contains oil. So for those of you who are confused on whether to get water or oil based serum, this has both.

It’s been tested on Asian women and 90% of them found that it’s more effective than their regular serums. And you know what? We, Asian countries, are lucky enough to have it first than the rest of the world.

Clarins Double Serum is able to give you up to 75% more hydration even up to 4 hours application. Allow the nutrients to seep into the skin better because of the mix between oil and water soluble ingredient. Skin’s radiance looks better because it helps to improve cells oxygenation. Those are the things that I love about this serum!

How to use it?

The hydric and lipidic systems are stored in different chambers, though together they’re actually one bottle. The chambers are placed side by side and when you pump the product, it will give you the ideal ratio of the amount of hydric and lipidic system that your skin needs. This is what they call the golden ratio, because the ratio is not equal thus they do it automatically for you.

The reason why they put the water and oil soluble ingredients in different chambers is because this will ensure the stability of the ingredients without having to add too much emulsifiers to stabilize the ingredients and also ensuring the efficacy of each ingredient.

Use one to two pumps of Double Serum on your palm and warm it between your palms to mix the two ingredients and then cup your face with your palms to apply the serum evenly. I found that on a good day one pump is enough but when your skin’s condition is not at it best, two pumps would help do wonders in its recovery.

My verdict?

Ooohh …. I love it so much! Of late, I’ve been in love with using beauty oils on my face because if you use it correctly it hydrates your skin perfectly and it’s so light. I usually mix one drop of non-alcoholic toner with my beauty oils. This is exactly what I got from Double Serum without having my own mix. It feels so light because there’s water soluble content, but my face feels supple and radiant because of the oil soluble content. I never feel my face tightens at all because of dryness. And I know that people with oily skin will love this because it’s so light on your skin.

Now onto the claims. Hydration, check. Fine lines getting better, check – at least on my forehead area it’s getting softer. An even tone, check – with a radiant skin as a bonus, oh I love the healthy glow to bits. Pores appear smaller, err can’t confirm on this because I don’t really have pore problem but no whiteheads so far.

All in all, if your concern is one of the claims that they promise they can fix, you should definitely get this serum.