Wednesday Wishlist: Antique Leaf Ring

On my last trip to Bali, I came across a local jewellery label (which is plenty up there) called LeeLoo Bird Jewelry that I suspect designed by a French lady, but I’ll investigate some more when I’m back in Bali. During this last trip I couldn’t get my mind off this one ring shaped like a leaf and is made of silver 925, 22 carat plated gold and copper. I did buy something from there, but not this one. Now I couldn’t take the image of the lovely ring out of my mind!

What I love about the jewelleries in Bali is that they’re sort of one of a kind and not those massly produced from China type of accessories. It’s also carefully made from good materials such as silver. My other favourite is accessories made out of copper. Each brand has their own distinct character. Some are created by western designers that is intertwined with the Balinese taste.

Anyway, I’ll definitely make note that I will revisit the store that stock LeeLoo Jewelry to get this pair of ring.

They’re also available on Facebook if you’d like to check out their drool-worthy collection.