Reminiscing Up2Date Style with Retrospection

Up2date has become a big name when it comes to Muslim fashion. Each year, they hold an annual show which becomes one of the main directions of Muslim fashion in Indonesia.

What part of Up2Date annual show do you anticipate the most? For me, it’s the playful words as the title/theme of the show. Why do I feel this year theme “Retrospection” reflects very clearly about the direction of the collection? Retrospection is looking back, a reminiscing of the origin of Up2date. Contemplation of things in the past.

Let’s rewind to the earliest days of Up2date. This brand was created from scratch. Irna Mutiara, the founder of Up2date had difficulties in finding some Muslim outfits that suit her activities and style. ‘Muslim outfit’ then was way different than what we have now. And there wasn’t such thing as ‘fashionable Muslim outfits’.

So Up2date was founded base -but not merely to- the function as a versatile outfit, meeting the need of active hijabers, easy to mix and match, and also being able to express one’s preferred personal fashion style, therefore, wearing Up2date meant being different, and that’s good.

Fast forward to today’s Muslim fashion scene where it gains popularity since 2-3 years ago, marked by the ‘collaboration’ of emerging young Muslim designers, bloggers, internet and social media which creating a ‘trend’ in fashion. The Muslim fashion industry buzzing with excitement, as more and more hijabers are urged by the social media to ‘show up’ looking fashionable.

Expressive design takes center stage, everything comes with some twists. Deconstructed, layering, asymmetrical, contrast color-blocking, pattern clash are heavily thrown to Muslim fashion design.

Up2date felt they need to ‘retrospect’ to where they started – chic, comfort and covered up. Fashion will find its own character and uniqueness through its fine quality and modesty. Personalization comes through a well mix and matching, without being too much.

Retrospection also conceived RETRO inspiration. Retro fashion comes from the era of fashion resurrection and milestone of fashion trend of the 50s through the 60s. It never fades and always be the inspiration in fashion.

The fashion show itself presented 60 set collections and came in 4 sequences. We’ll see and review what the key pieces are.

Ocean Motion

Being in the first sequence, the ocean motion definitely has something crucial because it had to open the show with a bang. Look at the color palette: grey, navy and maroon red, and the design line. They’re exactly representing Up2date; now and then. And I was feeling like I’m looking back at the Up2date first mix-match book, in a more advanced look.

Not actually a color block, because they tend to ‘neutralize the burst’. The color mixing shouldn’t be a head-turner, or an eyebrow raiser.

Key pieces include: nautical stripes, structured items in navy, red and white/off white.


Country Retreat

Yes, most of us were reminded of ‘milk-maid’, a country lady in pinafore and slouchy boots. An era of 1950 where rural area was the center of daily activities.

Key pieces include: pinafore (of course), peasant skirt, denim vest, suspender, neutral-earthy colors, slouchy boots.


Femme Valiant

In a more structured and tough look, defining a woman’s powerful characteristic. Undeniably, a distinguish military ornaments are thrown to affirm the image.

Key pieces include: parka jacket, military jacket, long coat, bomber jacket, leather ornament, belt.



Luxury Looks

Shiny and glittery elements, along with pretty ribbons give a glamour look for evening party occasions. In gold, silver and velvety black color, made popular in 1960’s. These glamorous and sophisticated look collections can be found under its sister brand, Upstairs.



I can’t wait to review more on their veils and headcovers choice, since this is one of the most critical decisions for Up2date to make, and they always have something different every year.

Well after the show, all of us had something in mind of which items or sequence we adore most. And we’re so glad that most of them will be produced and sold in Up2date store! Have you picked your favorite? Tell us :)

After all, its a fabulous collection. A big round of applause for the Up2date designers team!


Retrospection fun facts:

  • In General Rehearsal, models who are professionals -non hijabi models- have to wear hijab, even though they had not worn the collection yet.
  • This is the first time for Up2date to live-stream the show through their site, So, Up2date lovers all over Indonesia could watch the complete show.
  • Most of (more than 90%) the items in Retrospection collection are made for mass production. So they’ll gradually be available all over Up2date store from the date of the show.
  • In conjunction with the show, Up2date also launched their newest book, “CLOTH TALK – things you need”. A style guide book for hijabers. Unfortunately, we have to wait longer since this book is not yet available in stores.