The Next It Bag: Céline Edge

Ladies, I am loving that Céline is still on a roll in 2013! They will continue to release more combinations of  bags from 2011-2012 – the Luggage, Trapeze, Cabas – while going strong with new lines. All while maintaining its signature of the chic, sleek and clean silhouette.

The Céline Edge catches my eye because of its size and shape that scream practicality. I’m a sucker for big bags that you can carry comfortably without sacrificing style. With its trapezoid shape, wide strap, the flexible-but-not-slouchy structure, Céline Edge is up my alley. I can see this as my workhorse everyday bag, including when traveling.

Kourney Kardashian toting Céline Edge (image courtesy of

Considering the direction that Céline takes for the past 2-3 years, we can expect that we will see more color and material combinations for the Edge, as we have witnessed with the other models. I’ll stop talking and start drooling.