Lipstick Monday: The Ultimate Nude Lipstick

I’m obsessed with nude lipsticks and one of my favourites has got to be the Chanel Rouge Allure line and every variation of its nude shade. But that’s not what I’m going to write about today. My point is, I’m so obsessed with it that I sometimes have 3 tubes at the same time. But not anymore because I have found a nude lipstick that I LOVE as much as Chanel Rouge Allure.

That is the L’Oreal Nutrishine line! My first impression is that this lipstick doesn’t have any funny nor off-putting smell, which what I despise from lipstick. To be exact, this lipstick has no scent at all, which I prefer. So this is perfect. Secondly, the formula glides on so softly on my lips. The best part is that it’s so moisturizing that I’m able to wear this without any lip balm at all.

Onto the shade. My favourite one is Sandalwood Beige, it’s the ultimate nude lipstick. It’s that “my lips but better” shade. Also, the finish is glossy, but not lip gloss glossy.

I actually fell in love with this shade because I saw Dian Sastrowardoyo wearing it for the L’Oreal Nutrishine advertorial. I, at least, can have a piece of her beauty through using the same lipstick. :D