Female Daily Network Weight Loss Challenge

Last week, Female Daily Network Weight Loss Challenge has officially started!

For this Weight Loss Challenge, WRP provides a 6 weeks supply of WRP Nutritious Drink, WRP Cookies, and WRP Diet Tea for 6 people.  WRP also gives us exercise sessions every Thursday.  The teams are divided into ‘The Youngest’ (me and Anna), ‘Vanzky’ (Vanya and Hanzky) and ‘Syitaffi’ (Syita and Affi). :D

First things first, we got measured; from height, weight, to BMI (Body Mass Index), body composition, etc.  We also found out from the result which part of our body that needs a special attention.  For example, both my legs are normal, but both of my arms could use some improvement (fat composition-wise).  We also know how many kilos of fat we should reduce in order to get that fit, lean body.

You may already know about WRP 6 Day Diet Pack.  It consists of WRP Nutritious Drink and WRP Cookies for 6 days.  WRP Nutritious Drink as substitutes for breakfast and dinner, and WRP Cookies as a snack in between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch  and dinner. This program also allows us to eat one meal per day, and actually we can swap the “rule”.  As an example, if I have an invitation at night, and it’s  rude if I don’t eat anything, so I drink WRP Nutritious Drink for lunch and have some food at the party. An example that we can easily follow is that in order for us not to overeat at a party is by having a bowl of soup as an appetizer.

WRP also works with NRC (Nutrifood Research Center).  NRC representative shared so many information about diet and food. Have you ever skipped breakfast to lose some of your weight? Well, it is a bad thing to do! Skipping breakfast makes you feel hungrier and eat more at lunch. A healthy diet is all about eating regularly, in moderation and exercise regularly. Basically to lose weight, we have to eat less than what we need. We can start simply by avoiding junk food, fried food, and high-sugar food (including sweetened tea, ice cream, and cake) and by eating more fruits and vegetables, whole-wheat bread, brown rice and low-fat dairy products.

For this weigh loss program, we obviously use WRP products as they help us control how many calories we put into our body.  And if you realize, we also have a diet buddy. Each team consists of two people and we support each other.  The fun part is we get to exercise three times per week!  One day from WRP, and two days from Master Bootcamp!


We still have a long road ahead of us, and for the first week, we’re super excited for this challenge.  Hopefully we can keep the spirit high.  :) Wish us luck!