TV Series Character in Spotlight: Jessica Day

Hey girl, whatcha’ doing? Hey girl, where you going?
Who’s that girl? (Who’s that girl?)
Who’s that girl? (Who’s that girl?)
It’s Jess!

Familiar with the lyric?

After Emily Thorne, we asked you girls on Twitter on your favourite TV series character we should write next.  And whoa! It  turns out that a lot of you love Jess!  We’re on the same page then! :D

Jessica Day or Jess, as she is usually called in the show,  is the main character of New Girl.  New Girl’s story revolves around Jess, who lives with three amazing funny, silly guys in the same apartment.  If you watch the show, you probably know that no one can change Jess. She is sweet in her own way, of course. But if I had a best friend or sister like Jess, probably I would need to take a chill pill or something like that to make me feel composed whenever I have to deal with her.   Haha, just kidding, not to that extreme.  Jess has this unadorned and unusual mindset that can make you say, “How can an adult like her think that way?” while watching the show.  That is what I called Jess’ charm. The point is, she is a very unique character.  I mean it, a unique character. :)

Her style is very feminine, very sweet.  A-nice- girl- next- door- kind -of-type.  She wears dresses and skirts A LOT.  I rarely see her wear pants. I post some photos here where she wears cardigans and blazer, which are also suitable as a work outfit for you who don’t work in conservative working environment.   We absolutely can get some inspirations from her style, or find piece(s) that we need to buy (or make) to create these looks. I don’t like wearing a skirt on a daily basis, but seeing one of her photos reminded myself to put a colored high-waisted skirt on my wishlist.  Oh, and of course, more cardigans since the weather has gotten colder for these past few days.

Okay, now let’s take a look at her style.

The sweet girl next door :

Jess signature style: dresses and cardigans

Casual Jess with jeans :

Two last photos :

This is a normal Jess =))

Don’t you love seeing these two together? :)

So, what do you think, girls? Do you love her style or they are not your cup of tea?


Image source : New Girl Facebook Fan Page