BB Cream Madness: Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF 30/PA++

As we all know that recently BB Cream or also known as blemish balm or beauty balm has invaded the beauty world with its own popularity. It’s the talk of the town. BB Cream is actually a tinted moisturizer which has its extra benefits. Still feeling confused and want to find out more about BB Cream? Fashionese Daily has written quite a thorough background article on BB Cream which will help the BB Cream novice out there.

I personally really love using BB Cream because it’s really practical and safe to be used everyday.

Does it cause breakouts if it’s used everyday? I think it depends on how you cleanse your skin in the end of the day. Have you removed your make-up well? Have you washed your face properly when you go to sleep in the night? If you have done everything, I think it’s okay to use it everyday.

Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

My favorite BB Cream product recently is Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF 30/PA++ from Etude House, Korea. When you take a closer look on the package box, you can read its explanation: Precious Mineral BB Cream promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage. Contains adenosine & arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening efficacies. SPF for UV protection. It has 4 color options, which are: NO2 – Light BeigeW13 – Natural BeigeW24 – Honey Beige; and W15 – Sand Beige. The texture is great! It’s so soft, creamy, and easy to blend, therefore, it doesn’t make your make-up cracked. Its SPF 30 can protect your skin when you do outdoor activities. It also has a great oil control. I have a combination skin type, which has oily skin on some areas of my face like on my forehead and nose. But, guess what? This product doesn’t even make my forehead and nose which have oily skin look too shiny for more than 6 hours without touching-up! It lasts longer on my skin which is better than I expected.

You can use it with or without powder. I personally like to use it with a light loose powder to prevent extra shine on my skin. But, sometimes when I’m in a rush, I just apply the BB Cream without even using my loose powder, and it’s still okay. As long as I use this product, I never had any breakouts or some other skin problems caused by this BB Cream. I think it’s because I always cleanse my face properly everyday. I do not only use facial foam to cleanse my face, but I also apply milk cleanser and face toner everyday. Some people are just too lazy to do this step :p

I recommend this product if you want a simple and light foundation which contains sun protection, great oil control, anti-wrinkle, and whitening contents and it lasts longer on your skin which is a great plus.