Today’s Outfit: Life isn’t Always Black and White

What a profound title for an outfit blog post, huh?

But don’t you think it’s true though? The more years you put behind you, the more you are reminded of this fact. I consider myself to be a simple person with simple wants and needs, but the complexity of life makes it hard to keep things simple sometimes. I just experienced the most complicated and trying period of my life last year and while going through all of that, I tried very hard to stay positive, had a clear mind and heart and kept moving on. It wasn’t always easy but now that some of those things have passed, I could say I came out of it stronger and I’d like to think I’m wiser too :)

Anyway, because so many things in my life were complicated, I tried to keep other things as simple as possible, including my clothes. These 2 pictures were taken in the space of 3 months from each other, yet my outfits look very similar :D Well what can I say? Life isn’t black and white but at least my clothes can be and I hope they don’t look too bad :)

Cotton Ink shirt / Hugo Boss skirt / Miu Miu mary janes / Forever 21 necklace / Zara belt / Daniel Wellington watch

KLE shirt / Mango skirt / StuartWeitzman peep-toe heels / Forever 21 necklace (the same as the first outfit) / Vienette bracelet / Daniel Wellington watch / Gexxy New York bag