The Importance of Maintaining Good Skin Condition During Your Shower

Taking a bath seems to be a mundane task that you automatically do every single morning, and hopefully, also at night when you’re done for the day. But do you know that this process can also do your skin some harm? Well, I didn’t know that and we only have one skin to live with for the rest of our lives so I would prefer to take care of it the best I could.

So let’s take a step back and learn a thing or two about things related to the showering process.

What’s the purpose of this ritual? Of course to cleanse your skin from dirt accumulating on your skin surface and because skin on the rest of your body needs the same beauty treatment like how you would invest your time for your facial skin. Body skin treatment starts from the showering process.

There are a couple of things that you need to know related to this ritual:

  1. That showering process can cause your skin to be very dry and flaky if you don’t use soap that’s able to give hydration to your skin. It’s because during this process not only lift up the dirt on our skin but can also cause the destruction of natural protein and lipid of our skin, which we need direly to keep it hydrated, supple and healthy.
  2. It;s true that your skin feels hydrated and supple after you step out of the shower because it’s able to absorb water and retain it within your skin for the first 10 minutes. But after 30 minutes, the condition of your skin will return to its normal condition. So again, it’s important to use soap that gives hydration to your skin and able to retain it and of course it;s also equally important for you to apply body lotion afterwards.
  3. That there are several factors that need to be considered for your showering process. For instance, bathing is very common in the countries with cold season because bathing is able to give the body the warmth that it needs from bathing in hot water. Usually,  an essential oil is often used to help seal more hydration within the skin because of the extra dryness caused by winter. Whereas in tropical countries like ours, we don’t need to do this ritual and ‘covering’ our skin is not the way to go. This is because the weather will cause us to sweat a lot and the oil that is present on the layer of our skin will only block the pores which is not good for the skin. So you see, the product and purpose of showering process differ according to your situation.
  4. Our skin’s condition changes with age, therefore as you grow older, the skin’s elasticity reduces. We have what is called Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), where in younger skin is higher, therefore they will need less additional moisturizer. But as you get older, soap that might work when you were younger may not be working anymore for you because your skin needs something richer in texture to lock in moisture that is lost.
  5. That less is more when it comes to fragrances in your soap. Fragrance can be a source of allergen and can be  as fatal as some colour ingredients within your beauty product. The safest scent for the skin is actually those derived from fruits because they’re non-allergenic and not harmful to the skin.

So now that you have the facts all laid out in front of you. We have the golden question.

How to choose the right soap? It needs to be able to remove the dirt from your skin without removing too much protein and causing damages to your epidermis layer. It can also compensate damages done during the process by enhancing moisture level within your skin.

Dove has always been my favourite liquid soap because it leaves a flimsy feeling on my skin whenever I use it. That means that my skin stays hydrated even after I finish showering. There seems to be a misconception that what you want after the shower is kulit kesat. So untrue, because it leaves your skin feeling very dry and flaky.

And Dove just came out with a new better product Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture that is available in three variants: Deeply Nourishing, Revive with Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Scent and Fresh Touch with Cucumber & Green Tea scent. The price is around IDR 13,900 – IDR 22,700.

Nutrium Moisture is a new technology from Dove that’s able to penetrate deep into the epidermis layer to give the nutrition that our skin needs. It’s a combination of moisturizing ingredients that is enriched with lipid. Combined with soft cleansing agent from DEFI (Directly Esterified Fatty Isethionate) that able to retain the protein and lipid within your skin during the showering process. This new body wash variants from Dove is the product to go if you want a body wash that’s able to cleanse and nourish your skin at the same time.

Have you tried this product and what do you think about it?