Current Obsession for Hijabers: Long Coat!

The open front linen coat I bought from

Of late, I’ve considered long coat as a staple item in any hijaber’s wardrobe. It’s an item that has been discussed and frequently asked, especially for hijabers. Some issues raised regarding this piece is of course what kind of style, how and where to sport this fashion item. From what I see, hijabers in Indonesia are still not used to wearing long coat as a part of their everyday outfit. The most common reason is because it doesn’t suit our tropical climate. So even when the weather turns windy and rainy all day, like our current weather nowadays, we hesitate to put on a long coat.

But you shouldn’t.  Long coat is fashionably friendly for us. With the long sleeve and longer hem, you can wear it buttoned up or just let it open loosely. The structured shape gives a tough yet trendy look. And with a longer hem, well that’s a savior for us to cover hip area and allow us to wear our favorite lean pants. They’re not suitable for Indonesian climate? Well think again. Outerwear is an item we always look for, so  say cheers to this windy and rainy season, since this coat will save us from getting cold! (Oh how I wish this cold, rainy weather lasts longer :D)


What kind of long coat would be suitable for our climate?

Opt for a lightweight coat, from linen or cotton. This type of coat is my recent love and on heavy rotation. I’ve worn it  here and here.

On the other side, since this is not the type of item we usually buy, we can’t easily find it in stores. Well, except for those high end and high street brands, where we can always find fine coat of a surely high priced and not to mention they’re made for winter outfit, surely the material wouldn’t be suitable for our climate.

For those of you who are looking for some decent coat with a reasonable price, these might be your choice.

Our top four picks for long coat

open front long coat SGD49.80 (

windbreaker long coat $66 (


babydoll long coat $96 (

Up2date coat

Tips for wearing a long coat for hijabers

Now, how do we wear it so you don’t look like fashion victims and style appropriate?

  • Long coats are suitable for both petite or tall figure. For petite, opt for knee length or just above the knee.
  • Oversized blazer is approved, but never go with oversized long coat! Always try them on to know how it fits your body figure.
  • Use simple hijab that doesn’t create heavy buildup around the neck. Especially when the coat has some lapels or wide collar.
  • Don’t get trapped with the formula: long coat+skinny pants. Long coats are also versatile to be mixed with an A-line skirt or dress.
  • Tucking your top inside your bottom can create a leaner figure. But that can be tricky if you’re wearing skinny pants, since the thigh and upper area is exposed. With that said, if you want to tuck in your top, don’t pair it with skinny pants. And if you want to wear skinny pants, opt for longer top that will balance the length of your coat.

So, give the cardigans, crop blazers a temporary rest. Grab your long coat and be fashionable in this cool season!