Investment You Should Make: Well-Tailored Pants

Some time ago, I was asked by a good friend of mine to be her personal shopper – a task that I love to do, any day. She had been dissatisfied by her work wardrobe and thought that it was time to haul the selection of her Monday to Friday pieces. We spent a whole day scouring Grand Indonesia shopping mall. We were able to snatch several blouses, a conservative and structured work bag in black, a pair of work-appropriate flats (she just recovered from a broken leg, so she is not allowed to wear heels), accessories, and of course, pants – two pairs of them, which are the most expensive pieces of the haul.

A pair of well-made pants go a long way. From the workplace during the day, to a date night in the evening. From a conservative blouse to a playful top. If you have to splurge on anything in your wardrobe, then this is it. A well-tailored trousers will rack up miles of usage, and you’ll actually get the most bank for your buck!

1. Baggage in the trunk

I find that pants with slight flare work best for those of you with baggage in the trunk. They don’t draw much attention to your bottom , and work with your proportion better than skinny or skin-tight cuts.

GAP ‘Perfect Trousers’ ; Banana Republic ‘Sloan Fit’

2. Lanky Legs

Straight-cut pants seem to suit this type of legs. The space between the fabric and your slim legs alludes to having more ‘meat’ in your bottom part. You can also get away with trendy wide-legged pants without looking like wearing pajama bottoms.

Mango knit straight; Mango straight-cut tailored

3. Short or Chunky Torso

I am in this category. My legs are of average build, but my upper body is on the shorter side. Steer away from high-waisted, as this cut makes your torso appears shorter or chunkier. You’ll look better with pants of lower cut as they give an illusion of a longer and slender torso. The tricky part is to find one that sits just slightly above your hips without introducing the appearance of love handles or making you look like you have to pull up your pants because your pants won’t sit still.

Banana Republic ‘Hampton Fit'; GAP slim-cropped

4. The Proportionate Jane

Lucky you! You can get away with pretty much anything. My first choice would be to go with slim-cut pants or even ultra skinny! They complement the figure. Slight flare is good, as well as wide-legged. If you consider yourself as this type, just try everything and see which one appeals to you most, as we all have our own preferences.

Gap Really Skinny; GAP Ultra Skinny


Mango shiny palazzo; Mango herringbone wide-leg

Do you have a favorite cut for trousers? Where do you get them? We can always use a suggestion or idea on where to get a pair of well-tailored pants!