Today’s Outfit: The Perfect Pair of Jeans

I’m entering my third year with Fashionese Daily and as happiness meter goes, mine has risen up quite¬†exponentially. So is my weight! I can’t fit into my old pair of jeans anymore and I have been in denial for the last one year. I thought, there will come a time where I can slip back into the old pair of jeans. But no, after waiting for a year or so, that day never really came. Admitting defeat is very tough, but then I celebrated it with finding my next pair of perfect jeans and bought them!

Where else other than Levi’s would I go for the perfect pair of jeans, right? I love their CurveID line, because there’s always a perfect pair of jeans for every body type. Whether you don’t have a curvy body type or you’re on the other side of the spectrum with a real bold curve. What I love about Levi’s jeans is also because they have jeans for every personality. Jeans don’t always have to be casual and slouchy. They can also be sleek to be worn to a semi-casual event.

3.1 Phillip Lim peplum top | Levi’s CurveID skinny jeans | Kate Spade bag | Jason Wu for Melissa Lady Dragon jelly shoes

A closer look of my bag and shoes. I’m also wearing a Tissot watch, which I need to feature soon on Tuesday Timepiece :)