Recent Love; Chanel Biarritz Tote Bag

What I love about the closing of 2012 is I got to put a check mark next to the bag on my wishlist. And the wishlist is not something I’ve just added a week ago because I’ve been wanting this bag for as long as I remember. At least I’m sure it’s been more than a year. So you can imagine my excitement when this bag has finally landed on my lap :).

What I like about this bag, it possesses everything an everyday bag should have. The color is versatile. It’s roomy, ¬†light, durable, has pockets inside, has a zipper closure, and it rests easily on my shoulder. Even though it’s not leather, the coated canvas and the fact that its structured make it looks polished enough for me to bring to meetings or professional events.

If I can be a little philosophical, I like that this bag portrays what I’m going to focus on in 2013. It’s back to basic! Both in personal life and at work. I cannot share much yet but I do hope that I can be what I think of this bag; simple, modest, practical, reliable, useful, strong and of course genuine and classy. I’m looking forward to have this bag accompanying me through the hustle and bustle of 2013 :).

Have a Happy New Year everyone :)