3 Items to Help You to be More Organised at Work

2013 is still fresh and it promises so many opportunities ahead. But come new year, it’s time to reconsider what it is that you need to get to make sure that you stay organised at work.

1. Desk Calendar

For me, the most exciting part of a new year is changing my desk calendar to a new one after 12 months staring at the same one, day in and day out. That’s why, it’s important to actually get something that is pleasant to stare at, because you’re going to look at it for the whole year!

I don’t mind freebies for as long as they’re pleasant to the eyes. I keep the ones I like and the ones that don’t show an effort, I give them away to people right away. And don’t drag looking for a cute desk calendar for too long into the second week of January because by the end of January, it’s already hard to find something that you like. Whether it’s the one that you need to purchase or freebies, because people tend to throw away their stocks right away. But if you’re planning to buy one, the end of January is probably a good period to buy because stores will surely slash down their prices on 2013 calendars. But again, choices are going to be limited!

Mine is a giveaway from The Papilion with the oh-so-fashionable Belle & Pepo illustration :)

2. Day or Weekly Planner

In the era of smartphones, I found myself still bound to the pleasure of jotting down my appointments in my planner. There’s nothing that beats the fun in writing on a real piece of paper with a real pen. So at the end of the year, I already hunt down for my next year’s planner because it will stay with me, inside my bag, for the whole year. It will bear the burden of listing all of my appointments. And I don’t know why, I found those appointments that I wrote on my planner more memorable than those I put on my phone. I dismiss it easily just by pressing the no button.

This year, I opt for the legendary weekly planner from Moleskine. I choose my favourite colour, red. The favourite part is of course because it’s leather bound.

I bought mine from Kinokuniya.

3. Name Card Wallet

After a year of giving away your name card to everyone you know, isn’t it about time to change your name card wallet? You don’t fish out your wallet and display it to people as often as name card wallet, so it gets more showtime than your wallet. Wise to say that it’s better to change your name card wallet periodically so it stays fresh and bright, just like your career ahead :)

Mine – which I bought in Mango – isn’t exactly new. It’s been years since I own this, but I haven’t exactly used it so it’s still in mint condition. A clean slate to start 2013 afresh.


What other items do you think help you get organised at work and should be replaced when the new year comes?