From Inside the HQ: Our Best Buy in 2012!

Before we move on to making a new wish list for 2013, don’t you think it’s wise to reflect on our 2012 purchases? I’m pretty sure you all made lots of purchases in 2012, but are they all worth the buy? If you can pick one single product that reflects your best buy in 2012, what would it be? Curious what’s on our list? Well, here they are.

Tag Heuer Aqua Racer
Hani, CEO – Female Daily Network

This was a very belated birthday present for me as I got it 4 months later. But I don’t mind receiving present that late if it means I could get the best I can possibly get. This watch has become my everyday essential. I think I’ve only left it home about 4-5 times ever since I have received it. It’s made out of stainlees steel and the model is very simple and timeless.


Gucci Jelly Marola wedges
Affi, Business Director – Female Daily Network

I saw these babies at FD Garage Sale and almost passed them  because I thought I didn’t need another pair of shoes. I have bought 3 pairs that weekend, mind you. But Hani insisted that they were a great find and that I should at least try them on. Well, when I tried them on, I knew I couldn’t let them go because they fit me so perfectly. These jelly wedges come in a very pretty mauve color that goes well with a lot of my outfits. They are comfortable to wear, chic enough to be worn to the office (though I usually pair them with my more casual work outfits) and casual enough to be worn on the weekends. They are also the perfect shoes for this rainy season! I never regret buying them and the fact that I found them at FD Garage Sale pretty much explains that I got these as a steal.


Miu Miu Cat’s Eyes Glasses
Amalia, Managing Editor – Fashionese Daily

I have a weak spot for shoes and this year I’ve bought plenty. But when I think about the best purchase I’ve made in 2012, it’s not shoes, it’s actually the Miu Miu glasses that I’ve purchased from Optik Seis when they were having a 50% off storewide for their members! You see, oftentimes, the best item you buy is not always your favourite stuff. The sale was a one day thing and it was a very hush hush kind of thing where you get notified by email or text message. Lucky that I caught this one. I tried on dozens before I finally set my eyes on this one and I instantly fell in love with it. The fact that the rim is black makes it versatile. And the way it sets on clear background with a cat’s eyes shape makes these glasses, how shall I put it … very statement making!


Chanel Bag
Nopai, Operational Director – Female Daily Network

This is my first ever Chanel bag that I purchased directly from the boutique. Not in Paris like how I always imagined it would be :) But from their Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong boutique. I had to wait for around 45 minutes to get inside the store! When I finally got inside the store, I tried every single bag that I like. It was both fun as well as a hard task to choose which bag I want. In my family, we don’t have a tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas, but this Chanel bag is my Christmas present for 2012 from my husband (as well as 2013, according to him), because I bought it so close to Christmas eve. Because it’s fairly new  – and I’ve only used it once until now – the scent of the leather is still very strong, which is something I’m quite fond of. But I’m sure that this will be one of my best bags. The size is medium and I can use it for the office but it’s also not too large for formal occasions. Within the tote bag, there’s’ a zipper (pouch-like) that can be detached from the main bag and it makes the bag quite roomy because there’s no separation.

Crossing something from the wish list is always a fun experience and getting a Chanel bag was one of the items on my wish list for 2012. For 2013, I think I’ll always try to find an occasion where I can wear this bag.


Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blushes
Lena, Contributor – Fashionese Daily

My best buy of 2012, in case it wasn’t clear (score, score, score!) was the Tarte set that I’ve included as my ‘Best of Beauty Products 2012′. But let me tell you about my second best buy of 2012: Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed blushes. I missed on these blushes years ago when they were making a hit with everyone. It was $40! The pan was HUGE and HEAVY! But as they say, you snooze, you lose. R&R stopped making makeup before I had tried any of their products, although I’ve seen them in person, I think at Sephora cabang Kemang. :D

One day, as I went through the comment box of a blog, I read somebody mentioning these blushes were available on Ebay for a steal (Yes people, read the comment box of blogs. Don’t just believe the blogger but check, recheck, crosscheck for second, third,… tenth opinions). Anyway, I checked the Ebay listing in question and bought 5 of the blushes: Shameless, X-rated, Seduce, Tease, and Immoral. They are refills and don’t come in compacts, but since the compacts are HUGE and HEAVY, I didn’t need them really (although I do wish I have at least one to admire). The blushes? They personify what ‘finely milled’ is all about. So, so finely milled and soft, yet not buttery soft that you are afraid they’ll crumble when you take them travelling. I’ve taken one on a couple of trips, and in their plastic packaging they withstood the test. They blend well, wear well, and my stash consists of colors different enough to each other (from bright coral to a bronze) for a lot of different looks. For a bit less than $20 each, they are a steal!


Michael Kors Oversized Tortoise Watch
Dinar, Language Editor – Fashionese Daily

I love this watch from the first time I laid my eyes on it. I love the combination of the gold tone and tortoise band. Very classy, yet different. Small, dainty watches never suit me for some reason. I always opt for oversized, gigantic men watches. I love this particular watch because I can wear it to match anything in my closet.


House of Leather Tote Bag
Lita, Managing Editor – Mommies Daily

It seems that anything that I found from the FD Garage Sale will always go to my best buy for 2012 category. Can you imagine that I only spent IDR 100,000 for a nice House of Leather tote bag that is still in mint condition? This bag is the envy of many people, from the people within the FD HQ to my aunts.

I also bought a Gucci wallet, that is again, still in mint condition for less than IDR 500,000! And definitely many people are envious of my finds from the event, and all I can say to them is “That’s  why you shouldn’t miss any FD Garage Sale!”


Fioni Red Slip In Sandals from Payless
Grisselda, Associate Editor – Fashionese Daily

I was looking for a pair of footwear last week, anything speaks Christmas (read : red, green, white, or even gold) then I promised myself to buy it right away. And you probably know if you have big size feet like me, Payless is one of the shoe stores that sells big size footwears at an affordable price. When I saw these red Fioni sandals, I knew I couldn’t say no. They looked and indeed  are comfortable even though they have high platform *I know my friends will complain if I wear sandals this high* but give me a break, I love the fresh air from up here, fellas. Just kidding. :) I lost the receipt, but I’m a hundred percent sure I paid around IDR 150,000 for them. Thanks to the 30% year end sale! That’s what I call best buy of the year!


Romano Joseph Boots
Nisa, Associate Editor – Fashionese Daily

You buy many good items that reflect directly to the amount of money you spend. My best buy would be the great item which costs less amount of money (it’s the principle of economy, isn’t it?). And that goes to this mid calf leather boots, by a local shoemaker Romano Joseph. I LOVE the semi-masculine look, defined by the bulky out sole with firm and solid stitching, and wider cap. The winding on the upper leather gives it a twist of fashion boots.  This boots are quite light and very comfortable to wear, thanks to the genuine leather material and great craftsmanship. It’s truly a savior for rainy days, and also a versatile pair of shoes for any occasion. For these fine piece, I spent only IDR 600.000, a discounted price for buying more than 1 pair of shoes.

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  • mika

    @Nisa, itu boots Romano Joseph dapetnya dimanaaaah?
    @Lita, i envy you for the bag. Sini jual lagi ke gw aja 100rb? :D
    Tapi emang bener, FD Garage Sale tempat yang cocok berburu harta karun, kemaren aja dateng sore2 masih dapet banyak tentengan..termasuk buat anak2 gw :D
    Kapan lagi nih ada FD Garage Sale?