Wednesday Wishlist: A New Bag with a Fairy Tale Story to Tell

What better way to start the new year than having a new bag with a story to tell? We’ve loved Tulisan since the beginning, and we couldn’t stop writing about them. Of course, because they couldn’t stop inscribing new tales to tell in each and every single one of their new collection.

2013 opens with a bang for Tulisan, with their Batch of 12 collection where two new collections “Bawang Putih & the Night Sky” by Myra Bianda and “The Love Letter of Roro Mendut” by Melissa herself. This collection was pre-launched at early December with only 12 pieces for each model, and not all of the models are available just yet. It’s only going to be available in Spring 2013. But for the lucky few, you can get the limited 12 pieces that I’ve mentioned.

For me, I want to open the year with a new beach bag from the “The Love Letter of Roro Mendut.” I love the silhouette of the girl who seems to be applying her lipstick. How fitting for me, right?