Today’s Outfit; Crossing the Street of Bukit Bintang

Finally, my Australian trip series is over and now I can move on to my next destination after Australia: Kuala Lumpur. I went two months after which was in November. If you think my life is full of traveling affair, I can only say I wish. Now that everyone seems to be taking the year end holiday, I’m still within Female Daily HQ vicinity. :D.

I’ve been to KL twice before this trip but it was when I was still in college, which was in 1997 and 1999! At that time I wasn’t really impressed with KL City. First because it didn’t look too different in comparison to Jakarta. Second, because I wasn’t really exploring the city and focusing on the nightlife instead! Hey, I was only 19 years old. :o)

Now everything looks so much different than I remember it back then. I think the city has progressed in an impressive fashion. It saddens me to see how much behind our city is. :(

I arrived with Malaysian Airlines around 2 PM, went straight to the hotel and explored Bukit Bintang area, where my hotel was located. Bukit Bintang is full of shopping malls! It’s where you can find an iceberg-like Sephora! And a giant Pavilion Mall. Lot 10, where H&M is housed is also in the area. I didn’t go anywhere except checking out H&M and Uniqlo for the first day because we were tired and were only looking for food before resting back at the hotel.

Atmosphere Cropped Blazer |Wrong Stitch Top |  Zara Jeans | Tory Burch Wedges | Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelet

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  • Lena

    Next time in MAL, I would recommend visiting Putrajaya. It will impress you even more about Malaysia. They made very tough, hard choices but are reaping the rewards now.

  • affi

    I had to do a double take when I read about “focusing on the night life” part to make sure it really was you who wrote the post, not Amal :D

    Fotonya bagus deh han and you look very pretty! Oki ya yang motret?

  • Hanzky

    Lena: Kira2 setengah jam dari KL ya Len? I might go there again next week sih..mau juga ke sana liat2. Mungkin kalo kantor pemerintahan di Jakarta dipindahin ke pinggiran lumayan bisa mengurangi kemacetan yaa…kaya di sana

    Affi: Hihihi…night life gue kaan nggak sampe naik2 meja bar fi…:))). Iyaa OKi yang moto, tapi bukan candid beneran siih..dia nggak seinisiatif itu..:D

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