CrossFit Equator – Part 1: The Philosophy Behind

We are always out trying new things for you, Fashionese Daily readers! Remember Master Bootcamp and Zumba? I am always excited when an opportunity to try out a workout regime – especially one I have always been interested in, but just never got around to do it.

On December 1, 2012, CrossFit Equator owner and head coach, Brian Pandji, was gracious enough to invite Fashionese Daily (yours truly as the representative) to experience CrossFit. This affiliate, CrossFit Equator, is located in a garage gym at Permata Hijau. At 8 AM, I was knocking at the gate, all ready for the experience. Coach Brian made a special session for me so that I would have time to ask questions and take pictures.

This first part will talk about the philosophy behind CrossFit. I think this part is extremely important because I don’t dive into a new program without first knowing the philosophy – you’ll need it to know whether it suits your needs and profile. Some people love Zumba, while others love group aerobics class, some are more into MMA-inspired workout. Some people want to lose weight, some others want to get stronger. Everybody’s different!


What is CrossFit? CrossFit is a fitness movement who was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000, and now taking the world by storm. Keep on reading to learn more about the gist of CrossFit movement.

1. Functional Training

CrossFit is all about functional training. Functional training is training with moves that will be beneficial for you in your everyday life – lifting, squatting, pushing, among other things. CrossFit do not focus in isolated exercises, like bicep curls, for example. In real life, you will rarely move your arm in the move of bicep curls. In real life, you will lift – your child or your grocery bags. But in these activities, you won’t just use your bicep, you will lose other muscles – legs, back, and arms – in sync so that you can lift them safely.

2. Constantly varied, although scalable

Scalability is one important factor, especially if you are a beginner in exercising. It is not the intention of CrossFit to make you do what you can’t do. Every move in CrossFit is scalable to fit your own strength. If you can’t swing a pood-heavy kettlebell, you may swing a half-pood kettlebell, no problem. Don’t mistake scalability with low intensity, though.

3. High Intensity!

One of the things that made me first interested in CrossFit, is that every session is made to be done in high intensity, but in a short period of time. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about spending my time sweating and grunting efficiently!

Specifically of CrossFit Equator – it is the first CrossFit affiliate in Indonesia. Brian is CrossFit-certified to establish a garage gym and be the head coach. In CrossFit Equator, you are asked to attend Elements. This comprises of three class-style sessions where you are given the basics and fundamentals of CrossFit movements. Form is king, to prevent injury and to gain the most benefit of the training. My visit was worth one session of Elements, and I learned a lot from it. I love the fact that you don’t just move and lift things around, but also to learn so much more about functional trainings and the mechanics of the moves. You will also learn about the Paleo diet, a food regimen that mostly consists of unprocessed food, a lot of protein, and little sugar. It will be up to you and your goals whether you want to follow the Paleo.

You need to lose weight? Ask Brian on his experience coaching people losing weight healthily while adding up on lean mass, making them also stronger in the process.

I have decided to make it into a two-parts series because there is a lot of information I would like to share about CrossFit. Stay tuned for the next installment on my first taste of CrossFit, as well as an illustration of a typical session.

In the meantime, checkout their website: There is a wealth of information about CrossFit in general, as well as activities at CrossFit Equator. I love reading the blog posts that are frequently updated with routines and events! Of course, if you don’t want to wait until the next part to come out, feel free to contact them (information listed on the website). They will have new sessions coming up on January 7, 2013!