Editor’s Letter: The New Year’s Resolution

I can’t believe it’s 2013! Happy new year everyone :)

People usually start their new year with ‘New Year’s Resolution’. I have plenty every year. Each year I promise myself this and that only to find myself not even complying to half of what’s on my list. But you know what? It doesn’t stop me from making a new one each passing year. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of new years already ;)

Anyway, one thing for sure that I would love to do in 2013 is to write ‘Editor’s Letter’ more religiously in the beginning of each month. I actually started writing one back in April, but I kept on forgetting to write it each of the following months. Editor’s Letter is one dedicated post where we actually communicate with you all on what our plans are for the month ahead – editorial-wise and event-wise. Because afterall, Fashionese Daily is not just about the readers who read our articles day in day out, but it’s also about the community housed at Female Daily. And nothing excites us more than the events where we could meet Female Daily members face to face and have a real chat. Each month, we have plenty of events planned out for you all where they will cater for different interests within the forum.

It’s a simple resolution of which I’m hoping I can keep. I guess the most reasonable ‘New Year’s Resolution’ that one could have is one where you know for sure you need it and able to commit your effort. And this one, I’m pretty sure I can.

And what do we have in store for you all to start 2013?

How about if we start with the most exciting news? That is the return of the famous ‘FD Kelas Dandan!’ So watch our blog really closely girls, because we’re going to announce it soon when and where the event is going to be held. I know this is one of the most anticipated events for our readers, which is why we open the year with this event.

January wouldn’t be complete without a flashback to what happened in beauty and fashion, and of course we wouldn’t miss it as well. Of course, expect us to deliver you the next big thing of the beauty and fashion industry right to your screen.

I wouldn’t want to spill too much at the moment because January is going to be a great month for us. I have a feeling that it’s going to be a great year. Don’t you?

By the way, since I’ve been talking about ‘New Year’s Resolution’ at the beginning of this post, I was wondering whether you have any yourself? Perhaps in the beauty or fashion department? Or even Fit N Fab department? If you do, please do share it with us.

Oh, and I almost forgot. If by any chance one of your resolutions is a shift in the career department or even you want to do something in the beauty or fashion industry, we have an opening for Editor and Associate Editor.