Product of the Week: Ria Miranda Silungkang Shawl


Ria Miranda wore Silungkang Shawl at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Ooops, I might be too late to feature this product, although this one was released only a month ago. Yes, following the success of her show, Threelogy in Jakarta Fashion Week 2013Ria Miranda Minang Heritage collection became the talk of the town. Infusing her signature style and color to the existing Silungkang songket, a traditional handmade woven from West Sumatra, Ria definitely made this heritage piece become more accessible and wearable.

Minang Heritage clothing collection include dresses, skirts, outerwears and pants. Most of them are only made to order but there are also some models that are readily sold in her boutique. Well, they’re under ‘Ria Miranda Prime’ brand, and of course it takes a quite amount of money to own one. But luckily, Ria also made this Silungkang Shawl, a customized print shawl that resembles the songket pattern! And everyone was very enthusiastic to own a piece of it!

It’s obvious that we love the beautiful pattern. It embraces the traditional Minang soul and wraps in very lovely pastel colors!! There are 4 colors available: taupe, pink, baby blue and (I don’t know if this the right description) soft terracotta. The fabric is cerutti chiffon, soft and flowy, to match the rest of her flowy collection.

For only IDR 150,000, I bet most of Ria Miranda lovers already have this in their closet. I don’t really fit into silky, flowy shawl, but I’ve already grabbed this first hand, since the pattern is so special and worth collecting. Ria mentioned that this Silungkang Shawl is a limited edition collection, so you might want to check out Ria Miranda boutiques right away to get this!

Ria Miranda with her baby Katya in taupe shawl